Sketchnoters' Stories - Sketchnoting at Work: Marc Bourguignon

Today we inaugurate a new SketchnoteArmy series called:

Sketchnoters' Stories

It is a collection of post written by sketchnoters about sketchnote and their experiences, sharing ideas, feelings, passions and, why not, fears.

First story of this series is from our friend Marc Bourguignon and his path to introduce sketchnote in his workplace.



While searching for a new way to make efficient presentations and get rid of Power Point and its awful bullet lists, I found out a wonderful world full of opportunities : the VISUAL world. Like a novice, I read very quickly the books by Tony Buzan and Dan Roam. Then, I found out Sunni Brown and finally Mike Rohde with the sketchnoting!

I didn't start to sketchnote at work immediately, I made it little by little. My first step was to use mind maps and flow charts, particularly for project management. I used to check the pending issues thanks to mind maps and I could have an overall vision of the current situation. After that, flow charts helped me to make the different stakeholders understand each other and clarify their thoughts and ideas.

Out of work, I had a parallel visual life. With Claire Holgate and Caroline Chapple I was one of the founders of #todaysdoodle movement on Twitter. Thanks to this I met a fabulous community of doodlers and sketchnoters. The challenge I took part made me to practice on a daily basis. The big effort gave me more confidence.

After one full year of daily sketchnotes and other doodles, I started wondering if I couldn't make a step further and bring sketchnotes at work. At the meantime, I finished to read Sunni Brown's book the Doodle Revolution. And it was the turning point that encouraged me to become a real Infodoodler inside my company. My first idea was to improve my presentation introducing sketchnotes as a visual aid.

Today I can tell you I was very anxious to see how the attendees could welcome this kind of "act of bravery" even if it was my first try, I made it in front of a bunch of directors! I was not sure about the result. Fortunately for me, it went smoothly and was very welcome. Everyone are were amazed by this "eccentric new way" to catch the information. It This encouraged me to go further and spread out the use of sketchnotes at work in other ways.

To make a long story short, instead of explaining concepts with bullet lists and ppt, I made a specific sketchnote to show all the different uses I found, tested and validated at work. And every day, I imagine how to improve my techniques and I look for new cases of use. On a the other hand, more and more colleagues are interested in sketchnoting. As soon as I have the opportunity, I show and share my knowledge about it in order to spread out sketchnotes at work. My dream is that becomes viral and real tool to better communicate as natural as the use of Outlook or otherOffice Automation softwares .

I would like to invite you to follow me and start to sketchnote at work.

- Marc


This is a really good read, Marc!

Thank you for sharing with us.

- Mauro

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