Moleskine hack: Yousuf Azhar


Here is a nice and useful Moleskine hack by Yousuf Azhar

He wrote:

This is the tool I rely upon the most: a Gutted Moleskine with Index Cards (GMIC).

I use it for many types of sketchnotes:

1) Sketchnotes of weekly lectures that my teacher (Shaykh Husain Sattar) does in Chicago.
2) Sketchnotes to prepare for the talks I deliver before a Friday prayers.
3) Sketchnotes for my daily To-Do list.
4) General Sketchnotes when brainstorming.

I was very fortunate to meet Mike Rohde and attend one of his workshops. That gave me a lot of encouragement to do more sketchnoting, share them and teach others how to do them. 

You can find all details about the hack along with some of his sketchnote on his website .

Thank you for sharing, Yousuf!

- Mauro

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