Take a challenge - Fear not -Then deliver: Niina Sauvolainen

We have a guest post by Niina Sauvolainen  as follow-up of last Friday post about the Sketchnote Workshop in Paper53 experiment.

I met Niina in Paper53, she was one most prolific participants and here is one of the assignement she shared during then workshop.

The v3.0 of Paper53 allow to add text to your drawings and we used this feature for discussions and giving feedbacks.

Here this the conversation Niina and me had about the above sketchnote:

Take 2
Tomorrow I'll be giving a company-wide presentation. The topic is about how we in Finland will deploy some global strategic tools in our business to guarantee future growth and maintain good customer relationships going forward. In my presentation I will give the concrete next steps and action points on how to move forward with these global tools. Fun!

And the reason for the need for us to change our way of doing business is the changing consumer behavior, especially in the fields of ever-growing social media usage and the dominance of mobile devices in media consumption. Consumers are transforming our business, so we need to act and start changing our way of doing business.

Mauro: Great! You must include this in your presentation! Good luck!

Thanks, I thought I'll give it a try, structure the preso around this sketch. Our Nordic ceo is all about sports and encourages people to overcome their physical barriers e.g. by running a marathon. Not my thing, but I'll be showing some creative discoveries instead, ha ha.

Mauro: this is fantastic Niina! Please, keep me informed on this, I really want to know how it goes!


 I thought it would have been very interesting to share this story, so I asked Niina to write a guest post and she kindly agreed. 

And here it is, enjoy!

Take a challenge - Fear not -Then deliver

Background:I’ve used Paper by 53 now for a year, bought the pencil last November.

Sketchnoting: I came to know around the same time, it fascinated me but I never got into action myself. So far I have used my iPad and Paper53 to jot down my ideas, mainly for work purposes. Boxes, circles, diagrams, flowcharts. Something very simple.Mostly because sitting in front of the computer screen and the limitations of powerpoint completely dry the flow of ideas.

All the notes have been for my own use, I’ve never showed them to anyone. The changes they made for Paper53 are interesting and when I saw Mauro’s Sketchnoting two-week online course in Mix I decided to give it a try. Honestly speaking, first I ditched the idea of participating (busy life, work, kids, home, you know) but then the simplicity of the first assignment got me hooked. The next day assignment was about creating a story, both visually and verbally. As I was due to give a company-wide presentation the next day I decided to draft the presentation structure visually as the day two assignment.

So it happened, and after the encouragement by Mauro I told myself “fear not” and decided to incorporate the rough sketch in my presentation. I’m so happy I did, as this one particular draft sketchnote created in 10 minutes, my first ever, has already now given me such a deep flow of creativity and gratification I’ve not encountered for some time in my work.

Let me explain what I mean, at my work I generate something new at a fast pace -analyze data, create new concepts, ideas, and sell them internally and externally. I give my best to innovate and to get people to innovate with me. But getting all my thinking and all my ideas into such format that other people grasp my thinking process, and to continue developing ideas together with me, that’s tough to achieve. Powerpoint is such a clumsy tool for conveying ideas. Talking ideas through with people is not that easy either, but that has been my main tool for now.

Sketchnoting helps me to make my thinking visual, and most importantly, I already started! Not just thought about it. The biggest bravery is that I willingly shared my outputs with my co-workers and even the top management without fear.

- Niina

Isn't this a fantastic story? 

I thank you very much Niina for sharing this inspiring story with us!

- Mauro



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