Experiment: the Sketchnote Workshop in Paper

I'm and avid Paper app user and loved their sharing platform (once called Mix) since the beginning.

With the release of the version 3.0 of the app Fiftythree added a bunch of new and great features, of which, the ability to add text to the drawings was the one that gave me the idea to reinterpret the use of the platform.

So, I started the Sketchnote Workshop in Paper!


It was a real fun! I shared an "enrollment form" that Paper users can remix to virtually join the workshop.

You can see all form's remixes here.

The workshop structure is simple:

The first 2 days: I focused on what is sketchnote and how it works.

From day 3 to 7: I'll shared some worksheets to be remixed to dive into the practice.

From day 8 to 14: started the real fun: I posted a daily challenge to put creativity at work.

Here some of the assignments and challenges submitted by participants, and these are just few of the good works shared during the workshop 

Day 3: Storytelling by Mario Foglia 

Day 3: Storytelling by Ray-of-Light

Day 12: Explore everyday objects by Manu van der Hoeven

Day 13: document a process by A Wall

Day 13: document a process by Niina S

Day 14: take-home concepts by Cecilia Incagli

The workshop finished on Oct, 4th but you can find all the slides in Think section of Paper website and take the workshop at your own pace.

If you do, let us know: we'll be happy to feature your works.

- Mauro

**A note from Mike Rohde:** What a fantastic idea Mauro! It's great to see you fully using technology in interesting ways like this. Great work!


Take a challenge - Fear not -Then deliver: Niina Sauvolainen

First Sketchnote: Edward Gomez