Sketchnoting movies graphic organizer: Umm Sultan

Here is Umm Sultan's 6 year-old son sketchnote recap of "UP" movie. 

Here is the story behind it:


My 6 year-old son happened to be looking over my shoulder as I was viewing Scott Torrance's note on why he picked "UP" for his feature in The Sketchnote Workbook. He immediately recognized the characters and wondered why an adult would be drawing pictures from a kids' movie. I got out our copy of The Sketchnote Workbook, and we went over Scott's sketch pointing out key points in the movie. He of course wanted to replicate the note, which you see here.  One thing I think is really cool about his version of the "UP" sketch note is that he made the words bird, and dog look like a bird and dog respectively. 
Our impromptu discussion about story structure motivated me to create a graphic organizer that we can use to sketchnote plots of other books or movies we watch together. The graphic organizer is based on the Someone (Character), Wanted (Goal), But (Problem), So (Resolution), Then (Conclusion) reading strategy. I added "what's the point" so there is somewhere to note the moral of the story. You can download the graphic organizer for free.


Very interesting, thank you very much for sharing Umm!

- Mauro





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