143 Visuals: A New Book & an Interview with Scott Torrance



Scott Torrance is a sketchnoter, who happens to be featured in the new Sketchnote Workbook and he's got an ebook of is own to share with the sketchnoting community—by the sketchnoting community!

He's gathered 143 contributors of sketchnotes, doodles, visual thinking into one handy eBook you can get for free at Gumroad.


To give you insight into Scott's reasons for creating the book and his experience in the visual thinking community, here's an interview with him. Enjoy!

1) First of all, what inspired you to create this ebook?

I have been hugely inspired by the work that people are creating everyday on social media, whether that is #todaysdoodle on Twitter or the hundreds of visuals uploaded to Flickr.

I am a huge fan of visual thinking, doodling, sketchnoting and I find sitting down and doodling to be very relaxing but also love looking at others work. I was sitting at my computer one night in front of the TV flicking through images on Flickr, Twitter and Instagram and was blown away by how many awesome visuals were being created by so many brilliant people.

I really wanted to pull together a selection of the best and most interesting visuals into one place. I started to do this for myself and then thought it might make sense to make it available to a wider audience.

I know that every one of the contributors in the book learned and grown as an artist by learning from others around them. I guess this is my small way of giving something back to the community and saying thank you.

2) How you selected the featured Sketchnoters?

I started off just going with my own preferences. I also wanted to get a wide range of styles and abilities. I didn’t want it all to be full of professional illustrators and designers.

The book started at around 50 visuals but as I asked the contributors and the wider community it grew and grew.

As I started discussing the project with others and asked for their input I was referred to lots more people who were, this is where it got really interesting.

3) What do you hope this ebook will be used for?

Primarily, I hope it will inspire people if only in a small way. To inspire those who haven’t doodled since childhood to pick up a pen and paper and have some fun or give someone who is doodling in private the confidence to share their work in public.

I know that every time I look through it I am inspired to try something new, whether an interesting font or a use of colour to provide structure and emphasis to a sketchnote..

I very much see this as a collective effort and I am encouraging people to treat the book as if it were their own and use it in whatever way makes sense to them and wherever possible I will help.

I know that Claire Holgate, one of the contributors, is looking to print off copies of the book to use as part of her workshop at the Happy Startup Summercamp in September.

4) What is the most interesting thing you have learned throughout the process?

 Just how amazing a community exists around visual thinking, doodling, sketchnotes—call it what you like.

They have all been so supportive, encouraging, and welcoming every one of them are and also how diverse the crowd is. I think this really shows the ability of visuals to really cut through language differences.

Thanks again Scott for sharing with us!

- Mike

Anthony Weeks at Euviz Sketchnote capture: Ralf Appelt

Notes from Frontend United: Roy Scholten