ACE! Conference is looking for 18 Sketchnoters!

Heads up, fellow Sketchnoters!

ACE! Conference is the largest regional conference of its kind in Central Europe, attracting people from all over the region.

The organizers are looking for 18 sketchnote artists to each create one sketchnote from video after the conference. Since the works will be captured from videos freely available on the web, it's a good opportunity for sketchnote artists who can't travel. 

All of the collected sketchnotes will be used to publish an ebook that will be distributed free to attendees.
Non-attendees will be able to buy it and all profits will go to Oxfam

Here are the basic guidelines:

  • Sketchnotes have to be A4 vertical
  • Colors can be used as long as they can be printed, easily read and interpreted in greyscale
  • Includes a sketch of the presenter
  • Includes the title of the talk and the name of the presenter and the name of the conference
  • Includes artist signature but not email address, URLs or Twitter handles
  • The work must be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives license

We think this is a good opportunity for you to spread the voice about yourself and the Sketchnote Movement.


You can apply here:

And don't forget to keep us informed: we love to hear about your sketchnote activities!


Personal story as User: Marc Bourguignon

Idea Mapping with Sketchnote: Desmond Tan