Idea Mapping with Sketchnote: Desmond Tan

I love this sketchnote story from Desmond Tan:

Dear Mike,

I am a Doctoral student in the Oxford University Department of Education. After buying your sketchnote book, I plucked up the courage to give it a try. I am a terrible drawer and after some practice, I became slightly ok with it.

I had a presentation recently where I had to present methodological issue in my research project. I took this opportunity to not use the powerpoint but hand out my sketch note! I drew this sketch in a few hours after some planning. The sketchnotes were photocopied and

distributed to peers! It was certainly something new and I hope to try it again in future seminars and presentations. There is some room for improvement, definitely!

Thanks for your book! I am sure you have inspired thousands of people to sketchnoting. I am still learning and this will not be my last sketch note presentation!

Best Wishes,


 Thanks for this awesome story Desmond! I think your sketchnote looks fabulous and you are a better drawer of ideas than you realize! Keep going and share your progress with Mauro and me!

- Mike


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