First Sketchnotes: Megan Ura

Here are Megan Ura's very first sketchnotes:

20140212 142330

What a fantastic job Megan!

I love the orange highlighter and the style of the women’s faces on this sketchnote. All of the drawings are great. I also love that Megan is already identifying what she likes and what she want to improve, which is key.

From her post:

The good:

  • I finished the end of the second page just as the talk ended. Nice timing!
  • I like the ratio of drawing to writing.
  • Coloring parts with highlighter is a nice touch.
  • It was fun! If you’ve never experienced what they call “flow,” this is the way to do it. It’s the same feeling I get when I work in my art journal: my mind, body and spirit are all working as one and time flies by.

The bad:

  • Would’ve liked more room on the end to better highlight Susan’s three takeaways.
  • Drawings of Susan came out sloppy, but as I practice more and am not so nervous, I’ll improve.
  • The pen and highlighter are really visible through the back of the page, rendering that side useless. I’m going to try switching to my Sakura Pigma Micron .01 pen but if that doesn’t work out either, a ballpoint pen.

Keep on going Megan, what a great start!

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