The Thinking Hands: Krina Patel


Here is an interesting Sketchnote by Krina Patel 

She wrote:

I made this sketchnote because I think it is important to emphasize how hands help us think. I spent years working on this very idea of embodied cognition for my doctoral degree at Harvard University. I had the good fortune of working with David Perkins, author of The Intelligent Eye.

I admire Mike Rohde's efforts in promoting Sketchnotes through his books and writings. I appreciate the Sketchnote Army web team for showcasing the wonderful, inspiring work the Sketchnote Army is doing around the world. Yeah! A big hurrah for 'Sketchnoters without Borders.'



Thank you very much, Krina!

We are very happy to have you here, thank you for sharing with us!

- Mauro 


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