The Sketchnote Workbook featured Sketchnoter: Joseph Casabona

Today's guest is Joseph Casabona

Joe's bio on Twitter say:

Front End Developer at @crowdfavorite. Author of Responsive Design with WordPress. All around nerd. I like cigars & play the drums

1. Tell us when you first met Sketchnote/Visual art

I heard about Mike's first book The Sketchnote Handbook, and incidentally got it for Christmas the year it came out.

 2. How this impacted on your life/work/thinking?

I love doodling in my notes anyway, and would always draw in the margins. Now I'm taking better notes with great visual cues. It also helps me stay focused in more boring meetings ;-)

3. Sketchnotes: digital or analogical? Why?

A little of both actually. I prefer analog because I love putting pen to page, but I did recently pick up Pencil by FiftyThree and use it with the Paper app. It works pretty nicely. If I had to choose, I'd say analog. I love pens and notebooks, and use the bullet journalling method. There's nothing quite like pen and paper!

 4. Share a Sketchnote secret tip with us!

Do what's most comfortable to you! I used to compare myself to other sketchnoters, but realized: A- It doesn't matter as long as it makes sense to me, and B- I'm getting better over time.

 Bonus. The Sketchnote Workbook: can you tell us something about it?

I'll talk about doing my part for the workbook. Mike basically put out a tweet asking for volunteers and I jumped on; I loved The Sketchnotes Handbook and would have loved to be in the Workbook. He sent me the chapter to look over before getting to work. As a huge Yankee fan, I decided to do a Yankee game. As far as choosing how to sketch the game, I decided to take a box-score approach, summarizing each inning, making some note-worthy points, and highlighting some of my thoughts. The games are between 3 and 4 hours, so getting everything on 1 sheet was a challenge, but a lot of fun.


We thank you Joe for sharing with us.

You can find more about him and his works on:


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