General Chemistry for Visual Learners- 10 Concepts to Mastery: Vanessa Ralph

Really great and instructive sketchnote by Vanessa Ralph from her Kickstarter project:

Students have changed over the last 5-10 years! Let's give them a chemistry textbook they can understand and provide them with true MASTERY of the subject.


How many people have you heard say "Uh, chemistry and I don't get each other, not my thing!". This is not the student's fault, let's help make this topic attainable for our students. Maybe someday they could, IDK cure cancer, design the latest iPhone innovation, or unlock the mysteries of the human brain! Connect with me (:


Let's get rid of today's GIGANTIC, EXPENSIVE, HEAVY, and teeny font/WORDY textbooks and give students this information in 200 pages or less!


"General Chemistry for Visual Learners- 10 Concepts to Mastery" is the creation of Vanessa, a pharmaceutical chemist and adjunct chemistry professor. Along with the help of Adam Ralph, Brand Manager, Next Generation Curriculum Design was founded in 2014 as a sole proprietorship. All Rights Reserved.

Congratulation for your Kickstarter Campaign, Vanessa!

- Mauro

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