Sketchnote to help Students to assimilate and synthesize: Lisa Dickson


This is another great story from Lisa Dickson about hoe Sketchnote can help the learning experience.

Here some details.

In our innovative, collaborative and integrated first-year university program, we're trying to introduce students to tools that will help them to assimilate and synthesize the vast number of concepts they'll be expected to understand as students and scholars. We're trying to get them to break from word-for-word transcriptions so that they can interact more effectively and consciously with the texts they are reading. We hope that Sketchnotes will be an effective tool to jog them out of unreflective, purely reiterative note-taking. This is my "Assimilation Break" page that summarizes the key concepts from the first 3 chapters of Ronald Wright's A Short History of Progress.


Thank you for sharing with us, Lisa!

Keep us informed about your project!

- Mauro


The Sketchnote Workbook featured Sketchnoter: Scott Torrance

The Sketchnote Workbook featured Sketchnoter: Marichiel Boudwin