Travel Sketchnotes: Eva Lotta Lamm


If you are one of the Eva's followers you already know she took a 1 year sabbatical to travel the World.




Clearing out stuff, finding some illustrated maps I did years ago. Better go and check in person if I got them right



— Eva-Lotta Lamm (@evalottchen) September 11, 2014


You can see her travel plan on the first post of her travellog.

Fortunately for us, she didn't put her sketchnoting activity on hiatus and she is creating a series of wolderful sketchnotes to document her journey.

So, make yourself comfortable and take a look at her Sketchnotes. You can find here a slideshow of her dedicated Flickr set.

You can also find them on her blog Secrets From The Road

Lots of inspiration in these Sketchnotes: besides the travel narration that by the way is awesome, we can spot a great series of features such as hierarchy, lettering, shading and color that contribute to her sketchnote storytelling.

Thank you very much Eva-Lotta for sharing with the world.

- Mauro



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