Sketchnote as an essential component of learning: Dana Ladenburger


Here is Dana's sketchnote about his "learning project".

She write:

My co-teacher, @MrBillySpicer, brought sketchnotes to my attention last school year. I stumbled my way through, trying to incorporate this amazing opportunity to think visually with my 5th grade students. This year, I am on a mission to make sketchnoting an essential component of our learning. The first week of school, we established our classroom norms in figuring out our values and our unique approach to learning. "SpiceBurger" is a blend of our two last names to create an environment in our classroom that thrives on making mistakes and cultivating our passions for learning. While students presented their reflections on norms, I made a giant sketchnote to represent their ideas. It is now hanging prominently in our classroom to set the stage for our days and months together. 

This is an amazing project!

Keek us posted Dana, we will be very pleased to follow your project.

- Mauro 



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