WWII Sketchnotes found by George Opreff

Here's a great find — sketchnotes from WWII found by George Opreff in Toronto, Canada. George writes about his discovery:

I am from Toronto, Ontario and as an architect of almost 30 years, I still know how to use a pencil on vellum. Ha!

Been taking notes for years in a less formal way but still managed to have fun with graphic and pictorial images.

Now to the point - yesterday, Sunday I visited the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton Ontario, about an hours drive from Toronto.

In the gallery part of the museum, away from all the historic airplanes, I happened upon a display case... the following photos are what was in the case. What is amazing the Date in the notebook is from 1940 !!

This is very cool, and goes to show that sketchnotes are something many people do, but just never had a name for. Thanks George for this amazing find!

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