A New Type of Presentation: SketchKeynote from Jurgen Appelo

Really cool development from Jurgen Appelo - his creation of what he calls SketchKeynotes.


Jurgen writes this in his post about SketchKeynotes:

  1. From now on, everything on my slides is hand-made. No textboxes, no line art, no Windows TrueType fonts. Only hand-drawn illustrations and hand-written texts.
  2. I make an exception for photos that I want to show, but the photos are integrated in the illustrations, being part of the overall structure.
  3. Multiple slides together form a complete sketchnote which visualizes one short “story”. The narrative builds up the sketchnote as if it is flowing over the page.
  4. The whole drawing is visible (but dimmed) right from the start, and yet the sketchnote becomes more visible as the narrative moves forward.
  5. While the story moves all over the sketchnote, only the part I’m talking about is highlighted in color and then reverts to black when I’m done.
  6. The entire presentation consists of many sketchnotes, which build up in a similar way. A one hour presentation can easily be 300 individual slides.
  7. That’s why I call this style sketchkeynote. It is a keynote made up from sketchnotes.

Love this!

WWII Sketchnotes found by George Opreff

UX Australia 2013 Sketchnotes by Ben Crothers - @bencrothers