A Visual Final with Professor Laurence Musgrove @lemusgro


Professor Laurence Musgrove, head of the Department of English and Modern Languages at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas, decided to do something different with his students. He opted for a visual final instead of a purely written one for his course Visual Thinking, Narration, and Explanation.

Laurence writes:

What would happen if you had students draw their final exam?

In lieu of a traditional final exam or paper, I asked students in my course “Visual Thinking, Narration, and Explanation” to create a comic, sketchnote, or infographic that represented the most significant things they learned in the class. As you will see above and below, most chose the sketchnote format–which is logical given that they were drawing two sketchnotes daily in response to the reading assignments."

Here are some samples of student work from Professor Musgrove's final:


See Laurence's detailed article at The Illustrated Professor. Also check out his Cartoon Ranch and Handmade Thinking blogs.

First Sketchnotes: Frank Edwards @ferventfrank

First Sketchnotes: Jurgen Appelo @jurgenappelo