Sketchnotes in History Class with Brent Pillsbury

I received a note a little while ago from history teacher Brent Pillsbury, who mentioned that he uses sketchnotes in class for students to share what they are learning. He wrote:

I am a history teacher who loves to doodle and draw. I grew up drawing all sorts of things all over my notes. In the last couple years of teaching I have decided to implement what I call the GIFT. The gift is a one page visual of what we have learned for the previous chapter."

"I am glad they are using other parts of their brains and not just writing down worthless notes that do not mean anything. The students really take pride in their work as I have really enjoyed helping them with these. I also hand them out for each unit so they get mine and I get theirs."

Here are some of the student's sample work on World War I:

Ch7 0
Ch7 sec2
Ch7 sec2 B
Here's Mr. P's History Reference page for students, if you're curious. Love all the video references.

Great work guys!

Typo SF Sketchnotes from @CarolynSewell

The Sketchnote Typeface