First Sketchnotes: Caroll Lewis @wgdraws

Caroll Lewis, psychology cartoonist and illustrator gave sketchnotes a go after reading my book — and he applied them to his field of study - psychology. From his Psych Notes blog:

In June 2013 I came across a book called The Sketchnote Handbook whilst doing some dayjob research. I read it in one go during my morning commute and was using the techniques as soon as I reached the office.

By lunchtime I’d decided that this was also the perfect way to record, transcribe and record all of my psychology research and general obsession and so this blog is born.

I’m aiming to start with all the psychology TED Talks (there are 70 currently) whilst I hone my skills but intend to graduate to real conferences as soon as I’m ready.

My thanks to Mike Rohde for the inspiration.

Thanks Caroll!


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