A Sketchnote Army at the 2013 IA Summit

Mike Rohde here, introducing our guest writer Veronica Erb, who organized a Sketchnote Army at IA Summit in Baltimore. She's written up a great story about her experience, full of sketchnote images for your enjoyment.

To learn more about Veronica, check out her website, her Twitter feed and her Flickr stream.

Now, on to Veronica:

About six months ago (and about half a year after Giles Colborne and I stood talking in the hall after my sketchnote talk at the 2012 IA Summit), I got an exciting request from Giles: lead a Sketchnote Army at the 2013 IA Summit in Baltimore, April 5-7.

The conference and the sketchnoting went beautifully. Below are ten of my favorite notes from Baltimore. You can see even more in the IA Summit Sketchnotes Flickr group. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Kate Rutter

Kate was one of my Sketchnote Army "officers." Kate did large-scale graphic recordings of all of the keynotes, including "When Disaster Strikes, Where do you Turn?" by Dr. Chris Hagar. I think she is incredibly brave to get up and draw in front of so many people. Check out Kate's website, Twitter, and Flickr account.

When Disaster Strikes : Dr. Chris Hagar [IA Summit 13 : Friday closing keynote]

Charlene McBride

Charlene was another of my officers. She's been experimenting with sketchnotes on iPad, using Paper by FiftyThree, like these notes for Adam the IA's Brown Dirt User Experience. Check out Charlene's website, Twitter, and Flickr account.

IA Summit 2013 / 21

Boon Yew Chew

Boon was one of my officers, and he also spoke at IA Summit about typography (which was captured in Caleb's notes below). Boon's notes of Scott Thomas's keynote, Building the World's Visual Language have a great structure, clean lettering, and just enough color. Check out Boon's website, Twitter, and Flickr account. Y'all should also check out Scott's The Noun Project, a visual language database.

Scott Thomas - Building the World's Visual Language

Murray Thompson

Murray has a really cool way to take sketchnotes. He uses a Moleskine with accordion pages to create infinite sketchnotes that simply flow from page to page. Murray also came up with the fantastic idea that we all gather on the last day of the conference to compare notes. I dig his elephant and wise men from Andrea Resmini's talk Ghost in the Shell. Check out Murray's website, Twitter, and Flickr account.

Ghost in the Shell - AndreaResmini

Chad Martin

Chad was a prolific sketchnoter at IA Summit, and also happens to be one of the organizers of SketchCamp. The title at the top of his sketchnotes of the opening keynote, Beyond Mobile, Beyond the Web by Scott Jenson provides a great anchor for the rest of the page. Check out Chad's website, Twitter, and Flickr account.

Scott Jenson: Beyond Mobile, Beyond the Web (sketchnotes) from IA Summit 2013

Caleb Brown

Caleb's been taking sketchnotes without needing a movement to get him started. He does wonderful portraits of speakers in his notes, like these from Friday of the IA Summit. The bottom portion are from Boon's Typography is Information Architecture talk. Check out Caleb's website, Twitter, and Flickr account.

IA Summit 13 sessions

Sarah Flamion

I'm pretty sure that Sarah had never before shared sketchnotes, and I have to say I dig them. Her notes have confident, simple figures and other great illustrations, like the book and comb and toolbox in these notes of Stuart Curran's Stories to Stories talk. Check out Sarah's Twitter and Flickr account.

Stories to Stories

Christian Sosa-Lanz

I love the portraits and illustrations that Christian took during the Summit (notably in the Field Notes books that we included in our Marriott-sponsored sketchnote kits). I also like his notes-to-self in green, "Follow," "Do," "Look up"—very handy. Check out Christian's website, Twitter, and Flickr account.

8628808983 333c5c3a68

Stephanie Schuhmacher

Stephanie was was the only sketchnoter to capture Five Minute Madness, a tradition at IA Summit. And though it might not communicate much to the uninitiated (and really, you have to be there), it's perfect from the perspective of an IA Summit devotee like myself. Check out Stephanie's website, Twitter, and Flickr account.

IA Summit 5 Minute Madness

Camaraderie & Sketchnoting

The Army was a great success. We had three handfuls of people sketchnoting and posting group. Some were veterans, and others were beginners We all had a great time sketching and learning and chatting with one another.

Besides the officers listed above, I had wonderful folks helping out with the Army. Mike provided advice and hooked me up with Peachpit to acquire The Sketchnote Handbook prizes; Giles and Vanessa helped with conference coordination; and Livia Labate at Marriott helped make our awesome sketchnote kits possible. If you want to learn more about the program, check out the official announcements.

Thank you to everyone who participated and who made it possible. For you readers, if you have the chance to coordinate sketchnoters, go for it! It will be a rewarding experience.

PS: I took sketchnotes at the IA Summit, too. You can check them out in my 2013 IA Summit Flickr set as well as in the IA Summit Sketchnotes Flickr group with all the other awesome IA Summit sketchnoters.

DEWT3 Sketchnotes by @RuudCox

First Sketchnotes: Ryan Claytor @elephanteater