First Sketchnotes: Ryan Claytor @elephanteater

These sketchnotes come from Ryan Claytor (@elephanteater), a comics artist and university professor. He picked up a copy of the Sketchnote Handbook and sent us our first sketchnotes... pretty nice! Read his write-up at his blog.

Want your sketchnotes on Sketchnote Army?

Send your sketchnotes to me (Binaebi) via info AT siriomi DOT com or Mike via mike AT sketchnotearmy DOT com. Tell us the name of the event, and share the following links: your Twitter, your website, and the event website.

Happy sketchnoting!

 Thanks, Binaebi

A Sketchnote Army at the 2013 IA Summit

First Sketchnotes: Andrew Pucci @andrewrpucci