The Sketchnotes Challenge from @EvaLottchen


My friend and fellow sketchnoter Eva Lotta-Lamm announced a Sketchnotes Challenge in early March, offering sketchnoters the opportunity to capture the same recorded talk in their own style and get feedback from experienced sketchnoters.

From Eva-Lotta's post:

Everybody sketches the same 30 minute talk, sends in a picture or scan. I will gather all entries and put them up on the blog (update: the first entries are in!) so we can all compare and learn from each other's work. On top of that, the panel of experts will give feedback for each entry.

I was honored to be part of the experts judging and commenting on the entries, which included Sunni Brown, Craighton Berman, Brandy Agerbeck, Matthew Magain and Eva-Lotta herself.

We've now processed all of the sketchnotes, and you can see our feedback posted with each sketchnote in 4 pages on Eva-Lotta's site:

Go check then out!

Open Space Technology by @LloydDangle

First Sketchnotes: Michelle Rydell