#SXnotes: Celebrating Sketchnotes at @SXSW 2013

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Hey SXSW-bound sketchnoters!

This year, SXSW wants to promote and showcase sketchnoting at the conference like never before. They've started SXnotes — crowd-sketched coverage of the festival — and they need you!

Here's how to participate:

1. Do your sketchnoting thing during the conference sessions

2. Join the SXnotes Flickr Group and share images of your sketchnotes

3. Follow @ImageThink and tweet your sketchnotes using #sxnotes hashtag

Every day during SXSW, Nora and Kelly of ImageThink will be selecting sketchnotes to send to the SXSW blog team for the community recap.

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Nora and Kelly are also hosting the official SXSW Sketchnote Meet-up on Sunday at 12:30 PM. Visit ImageThink for all the details on SXnotes and the meet-up.

Guardian Data Visualisation Masterclass Sketchnotes - @curlykatie33

Custom Moleskine Sketchbooks & Meet-Ups at SXSW 2013