Photography as Storyteller Sketchnotes - Espen Rasmussen

Hans Gerhard Meier (Twitter) dropped me a note who writes that he bought The Sketchnote Handbook and was so inspired, he dove into the deep end of sketchnoting by attending two talks in his home town of Fredrikstad, Norway!

Hans emailed me his work, so here is a sketchnote of a talk titled Photography as Storyteller by Espen Rasmussen, in Norwegian:

EspenR Sketchnote

Hans has a beautiful, loose technique of sketching details, and I really like the gray accents he has added to certain bits of the sketchnote. But my all-time favorite drawing is the iPhone sticking its tongue out at a standard camera. :-)

Hans - wonderful work! I look forward to sharing more of your sketchnotes here!

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