Sketchnotes Monday through Friday

Hello friends and members of the Sketchnote Army!

I have some great news. As of this week you may have noticed a regular stream of sketchnotes appearing on the site and being tweeted from the @SketchnoteArmy account on Twitter.

Now that my book, The Sketchnote Handbook is out and doing well, I've been able to come back here and setup a workflow that will allow Binaebi Akah and I to post daily, Monday through Friday here on the site.

I'm taking advantage of all the great new sketchnotes appearing online and the scheduling features of SquareSpace to queue up daily posts of sketchnotes.

My goal is to get a new sketchnote up every day of the workweek for your enjoyment — there may be some weeks where that's 2, 3 or 4 per week, but my goal will be 5 days a week.

To make that happen, I would love your help in letting us know about sketchnotes you or others have created, along with the Twitter handle, website and link to the sketchnotes in an email.

Email me to let me know and those suggestions will be added to our queue.

Thanks again for being part of the Sketchnote Army!

Mike Rohde

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