First Sketchnotes: Scott Torrance

Scott Torrance was featured earlier on Sketchnote Army with his Austin Kleon sketchnotes — he's sent over a nice description of his journey to sketchnoting in this article. Here's Scott, sharing his experience, with images:

My First Sketchnote- Unleashing My Dormant Creativity

My first sketchnote came about after the fact. By this I mean that I had attended a conference called ScotSoft13 in Edinburgh and had taken my notes in the traditional uninspiring manner:

Following the event I typed up my notes on my blog that evening in an equally uninspiring manner.

I have always doodled in notebooks and explored with note taking methods such as mind mapping. It wasn’t until I came across the work of The Graphic Recorder via Milo McLaughlin’s website Clear-Minded Creative the day after the event that I (re)discovered the wonderful world of Sketchnoting.

 It unleashed my dormant creativity!

There is something in sketchnotes that really resonates with something deep inside me. It taps into the joy I felt when drawing as a young boy, a feeling that has been missing for a long time.

I polished it up a little using Camscanner (I’ve not yet ventured into Adobe world yet)

A marked increase in traffic and interest

It would appear that it also resonates with people out there as well.

When I re-published my notes from the event in the form of a sketchnote on my blog more than three times as many people viewed my sketchnote on the talk than the traditional long-form text notes.

Following the initial post on my blog, The Amor Group added a little colour to the doodle and published it on their blog.


I doodled this sketchnote before I read The Sketchnote Handbook, since then I have devoured the book and am honing my skills at every opportunity.

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