First Sketchnote: Chris Spalton @ChrisSpalton

Chris spalton

Chris Spalton shared these first sketchnotes with me and I'm really impressed with his first attempt! Loving the simplicity and use of color on these sketchnotes.

Chris commented on his first attempt in his email:

Just a day or so after getting your book I went to my first networking event and these were the notes I took from there, I actually made far rougher ones at the event but used them as a base to do these the next day."

What I've found great is that the messages really do stick in your mind more, I can look at those notes and remember exactly what was said, as I feel your brain engages more than simply writing line after line of notes that you'll never look at again. Sketchnoting actually makes you WANT to revisit them."

Knowing Chris did these as a 2-stage sketchnote, I'd love to see his first, rough draft notes. It's always fun for me to see how the process looks.

Thanks for sharing Chris - great work!

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