MidwestUX 2012 - Sketchnotes Recap

Hi everyone, Binaebi here! A couple weeks ago we had a great MidwestUX conference pulled together by the UXers of Columbus, OH. Charlene McBride, Veronica Erb, and I led a sketchnote workshop the first morning of the conference, thereby unleashing a newborn army of sketchnoters onto the conference. Everyone did a fantastic job at their first attempts at sketchnoting, and totally blew our minds with their creativity!

Photos from the Let's Sketchnote! workshop

via Charlene McBride's Flickr set

MidwestUX Sketchnotes collection

And now to see everyone's work (that I could find). If I missed you, please shoot me an email via my website with a link to your sketchnotes so I can highlight your work!

See Charlene McBride's sketchnotes set

See Binaebi Akah's sketchnote set

See Veronica Erb's sketchnote set

Derek Fricano

Lauren Martin

Caitlin Steinert

Lorelei Kelly

Sketchnote Handbook: Book Project, Video, Podcast Update

eHealth 2012 Sketchnotes - Cassie McDaniel