Why and How to Start Sketchnoting IA Summit Talk - Veronica Erb

Veronica Erb has been keeping busy this conference season by giving a sketchnotes talk at the IA Summit. If you're planning on attending MidwestUX, Veronica will be giving a workshop with Charlene McBride and me about sketchnoting, so look forward to that!

Her IA Summit talk was done in sketchnote style via a pile of note cards and a sharpie. Rather than taking photos of the cards, she had the pile with her for her talk and used an IPEVO document camera to project the cards as she threw them on the lectern. Great work!

View her cards on SlideShare, or Speaker Deck. You can also read a bit about the talk on Veronica's blog and see her IA Summit sketchnotes on Flickr.

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