SXSW 2012 Sketchnotes

Here's a collection of sketchnotes captured at SXSW Interactive 2012. If you have sketchnotes to share or know of some I've missed, please drop a line!

Gerren Lamson

Gerren Lamson did some amazing work at SXSW, check out his blog and SXSW 2012 Sketchnotes Flickr set for all of the sketchnotey goodness!

Designing for Context 1of4

Paul Soupiset

Paul Soupiset captured sketchnotes, but limited himself to small squares to see how that changed his capture. Check out his blog and Paul's Projeqt site for more.

Craighton Berman

Craighton Bermann captured Field Notes from his trip to SXSW, using a first generation iPad to capture his sketchnotes. Love his work.

Craighton fieldnotes

Timothy J. Reynolds

Timothy J. Reynolds stayed for SXSW Music and captured Bruce Springsteen in real time as sketchnotes. Nice work Timothy!

Bruce Springsteen-SXSW Keynote [Sketchnotes]

Alexis Finch

Alexis Finch created a variety of pencil to ink and color sketchnotes at SXSW, the one below from Jonathan Stark's panel. Check out her Graphite Mind blog for more.

Tumblr m1d27i86jX1ql5qxro1 1280

Lauri Johnston

Illustrator Lauri Johnston compiled all her sketchnotes into a powerpoint presentation.

Heidi Forbes Oste

Check out visual communicator Heidi Forbes Oste's Flickr collection.

Paola Rico

Paola Rico from Hello Operator Studio made some cool zines for co-workers from SXSW 2012. Here are zines 1 and zines 2. Great idea Paola!

Sxsw 2012 zines002

Ogilvy Notes

The Ogilvy Notes team was at it again for a second year - check out the Ogilvy Notes SXSW 2012 area for a variety of sketchnotes from SXSW.

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Mike Rohde

I captured 20 pages of sketchnotes as well, from a few select sessions. Check out the full SXSW 2012 set on Flickr.

SXSW 2012 Sketchnotes: 01-02 OMG Your RFP is Killing Me!

TED Sketchnotes - Robert Fabricant

SXSW Interactive SketchCamp: March 11, 2012 Palm Door, Austin