Sketchnotes Field Guide by Charlene McBride and Binaebi Akah

Hello fellow sketchnoters!

I am Binaebi Akah, experience designer in Columbus Ohio and the new-ish curator here at the Sketchnote Army blog. I joined the team silently back in October or November 2011, I can't remember which, to help Mike with the daunting adventure of highlighting all the great sketchnoters coming out of the woodwork these days.

Mike invited me to talk about my latest major sketchnote project, a book meant to inspire and empower people to begin their sketchnoting journey. I released the Sketchnotes: A Field Guide for the Busy Yet Inspired Professional with co-author Charlene McBride in early January 2012.

The book covers topics such as: materials, visual vocabulary and frameworks, making connections, making things stand out, pulling main points, listening for what resonates, recognizing and using structure, page layout, discovering your style, developing your own language, sharing, and more.

You can order your PDF and/or print copy via Lulu for under $10. Charlene and I left our contact information in the back of the book so you can tell us how your sketchnoting experience is going. Social media is your friend!

Hope to peek over your shoulder while you sketchnote in the near future!

This is Binaebi, over and out.

Whiteboard Mind Map by Anna Saraceno

The Design of Understanding Sketchnotes - Amanda Wright