Mie Norgaard's 9 Day Sketchnote Challenge

From Mie Norgaard's blog...

In this and next week I'm on a wonderful note sketch challenge from Enemærke & Petersen. They have invited all 550 employees to the table to discuss how best to establish and support up on the remarkable culture that makes Enemærke & Petersen something special.

My job is to interpret 9 rounds employee involvement in the sketch notes, and it is - as always when working with Zealand's hottest construction - a pleasure. The first four rounds seen above.

Great work! Loving how open the pages seem even with so much content. Great use of bounding boxes, arrows, and playing with typography. 

Want your sketchnotes on Sketchnote Army?

Mike is busy wrapping up his Sketchnotes Handbook, so in the meantime please send your sketchnotes to me (Binaebi) at info AT siriomi DOT com. Tell me the name of the event, and share the following links: your Twitter, your website, and the event website.

Happy sketchnoting!

- Binaebi

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