Linda Saukko-Rauta's sketchnote of Richard Branson's "Dr Yes"

This is a great example of how sketchnoting can turn a couple heads! Linda Saukko-Rauta sent this to us via email and it's also highlighted on the Virgin website! Great job Linda!

Want your sketchnotes on Sketchnote Army?

Mike is busy wrapping up his Sketchnotes Handbook, so in the meantime please send your sketchnotes to me (Binaebi) at info AT siriomi DOT com. Tell me the name of the event, and share the following links: your Twitter, your website, and the event website.

Happy sketchnoting!

- Binaebi

Mie Norgaard's 9 Day Sketchnote Challenge

Timothy Reynolds' sketchnotes from Pixar talk at Milwaukee Art Museum