FOWD 2011 Sketchnotes - Eva-Lotta Lamm & Sam Hardacre

Got wind of some Future of Web Design 2011 (FOWD) sketchnotes from London:

Aaron Walter: Transforming Ideas into Interfaces
Eva-Lotta Lamm was there - see her full set.

Sam Hardacre was there too. See his sketchnotes in his twitter feed (Sam, once your sketchnotes are up in a set, let me know so I can feature them here).

Ubelly is sharing varied sketchnotes from the event and organized Eva-Lotta and Sam for the event - thanks guys!

Also check out the recorded sketchnoting on Ustream.

If you see other sketchnotes of FOWD 2011, drop me a line so I can add them here.


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