UXLX Sketchnotes - Bauke Schildt, Eva-Lotta Lamm & Boon Chew

User Experience Lisbon (UXLX) happened last week and there are some great sketchnotes from the event to share with you all:

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Sketchnotes from Bauke Schildt - beautiful cartoon style work!
Check out the full set on his Sketch Of The Day site.

Jeroen van Geel: Product Personality and Kevin Cheng: See what you mean at UXLX
Eva-Lotta Lamm was also at UXLX and rocked the house as usual.
See Eva-Lotta's full UXLX Flickr set for more.

stephen anderson - designing seductive interactions p.1

UX dude Boon Chew also captured sketchnotes at UXLX - his full is available on Flickr.

Fascinating to see three sketchnoters capturing the same event from different perspectives.

Great work guys!

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99% Conference Sketchnotes - ImageThink