Bill Keaggy on the Sketchnote Revolution

Nice article from Bill Keaggy from the Dachis Group on joining the Sketchnote Revolution as a new year's resolution:

I’ve got an idea for a new year’s resolution: Join the sketchnote revolution:

Sketchnotes are a visual form of note-taking that can include drawings, various lettering sizes and styles, color, icons, arrows, boxes and more — whatever works for you. I’d say that sketchnoting is officially a movement — maybe you’ve seen some from SXSWi or other conferences. And the best part? You don’t have to be a creative genius to do it. It’s called Sketchnoting, not Art School.

I was happy to see Bill describing his two-stage sketchnoting approach, where he takes rough sketchnotes at the even and constructs them into visually interesting sketchnotes after the event is over.

Read the entire article at the Dachis Group blog.

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