Sketchnotes: Doodling with a purpose

MebyCindi.jpgI gave a talk at the Milwaukee Likemind group on Friday August 20th and my friend Jim Raffel was in attendance.

He's written up his thoughts in the article Sketchnotes: Doodling with a purpose, in which he talks about the use of sketchnotes in his business practice:

"Doodling. For whatever reason holding my attention in a long meeting is a challenge. I’ve always taken notes because I could doodling aimlessly in the margins of my notes. Taking notes the Sketchnotes way allows me to doodle with a purpose.

I now draw keywords in large type and then instead of doodling I color in the letters when I find my mind drifting. Strangely enough I find I listen more carefully while my hands are busy coloring."

Thanks Jim!

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