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I love these 'Near-Life Experience' sketchnotes by Lea Hernandez. Check out the full set on Flickr.

Lea sent a note last week, sharing how doing sketchnotes helped free her from creative block. I asked it would be cool to share her story and she agreed. Here it is:

"I used to do something very much like sketchnotes, a comic called Near-Life Experience, where I wrote down what was in my head, with drawings and words. The response was good. And then I choked. I started to over-plan. The comics became a chore. I put enormous pressure on myself, I vapor-locked and I couldn't draw the comic any more.

Fast forward to less than two weeks ago. I meet sketchnotes, and I'm enchanted and excited. I have a pen, and a 3.5 x 5.5 Moleskine. I take them to the pool, and start writing and drawing and before I know it, I have four effortless pages of drawing and writing (and an endearingly dreadful drawing of the pool). And I feel great, the best I've felt in months.

Funny, all I had to do was call them something besides comics, take them out of this place full of self-inflicted unhappiness and pressure, and I'm drawing happily again."

Thanks Lea for sharing your work and your story!

- Mike

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