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Who is behind Sketchnote Army?

Mike Rohde, creator: Designer, author of The Sketchnote Handbook & Workbook, and illustrator, living in Wisconsin.

Mauro Toselli, curator: IT Director, sketchnoter, author, living in Italy.

Binaebi Akah, curator: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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The Sketchnote Army Podcast: GIRL POWER Season 3, Episode 1: Sunni Brown

Sunni Brown

Sunni Brown leads off GIRL POWER Season 3 of the Sketchnote Army Podcast, celebrating women in visual thinking.

Trained as a graphic recorder at The Grove by visual thinking Jedi master David Sibbet, Sunni has found her own path to incorporating game design, design thinking, and improv into her visual thinking practice, to create fully immersive services for her clients.

Listen as Sunni and I talk about her path to where she is now, the impact and importance of community, empathy, and more.

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Listen to Season 3, Episode 1 of the podcast on SoundCloud:


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Show notes

  1. Not needing permission. Whatever you make is going to be OK, so go ahead and do it!
  2. Practice the visual alphabet, build a visual library. Best kept secret! It’s not cheating to use reference images and icons.
  3. Peer collaborators. Share and play with community.

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Happy World Sketchnote Day 2017!!!

Dear Sketchnoters,
welcome to the #SNDay2017!

This year a lot of friends have organized a series of events around the world to celebrate this event.

Here is a quick recap:

World Sketchnote Day 2017 with Sketchnote Hangout and Dr Makayla Lewis

Meet up on Visual Thinking in Frankfurt, Germany

Visual Notetaking Made Easy - Cardiff, United Kingdom

Empathy and ways we can show empathy - London, Ontario

Sketchnote with Lorraine Kasyan - Buncombe County, NC

Sketchnoting science at EMBL-EBI with Dr. Jenny Cham - Cambridge, UK

Mind's Eye Creative Giveaway 

Collaborative Sketchnote entitled "Who Am I at BISP?" - Phuket, Thailand

Meetup at the daWanda Snuggery - Berlin, Germany

Visual Note Taking workshop - Richmond, Virginia

WorkVisual App #SNDay2017 Challenge and Giveaway!!!

And finally a fun suggestion to celebrate this day:

Are you ready for #SNDay2017 Coffee Guerrilla?

There are lots of things going on and happening aroung the globe. To make easy to follow the day and don't miss anything we will LiveBlog along the day gathering everything we can track here:

World Sketchnote Day 2017 - #SNDay2017 - LIVE BLOGGING

We hope you'll enjoy the day and have fun!

Don't forget to share your love for sketchnote with the hashtag: #SNDay2017 !

Mike and Mauro


Sketchnoting a song: Josie Dee 

This sketchnote by Josie Dee is truly jaw-dropping!

She wrote:

It's a sketchnote of a song I was asked to do for a friend to give as a gift. I did it in two phases, slightly different to how I've done them before. With conferences and at work I tend to go straight for the pen and run with it. But as it was for someone else I did it in two hits. I started by playing the song once and penciling the sketchnote, marking out where I wanted the highlights, the space and the key words and phrases, both that stood out to me and - more importantly - the ones I'd been asked to highlight, I also I doodled an outline of the image. The next phase was to play the song on loop whilst I took a pen to the pencilled outlines and placeholders and then filled out the rest of the space with lyrics and colour. Having never done it before a) for a song or b) in two phases - I really enjoyed it. 

Don't miss the other version non Josie's blog post! 

It's amazing, Josie! Love the lettering and the color palette.

Thank you for sharing with us!

- Mauro


How to create a high-converting email campaign - a sketchnote by Selina Wragg

I love this sketchnote by Selina Wragg .

She wrote:

This is one of my favourite sketchnotes! I created it after watching a joint webinar between Kissmetrics and Campaign Monitor, about how to create a high-converting email campaign. It lists some crucial points that every marketer should include on their checklist when creating campaigns, and it's really helped me in my job. I went into more detail in this accompanying blog post:

Well done Selina!

- Mauro


Ohio State Youth Convention of the Church of God - Sketchnote by Joe Watkins 

Senza titolo

Today guest is Joe Watkins .

He wrote:

This is one of four sketchnotes that I did live at the Ohio State Youth Convention of the Church of God. It was my first time ever doing sketchnotes as a hired artist. I was also given the opportunity to teach two classes on sketchnoting, and we didn't have enough space for all the kids who wanted to be a part of it.

Woohoo! Seems it was a great event.

Thanks for sharing with us Joe.

- Mauro


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