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Mind Lab Sketchnotes - Aaron Williamson


Some colorful sketchnotes by Aaron Williamson of Christian Bason's session at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto, Canada. Check out Aaron's Flickr photostream for more.

Nice work Aaron!

WorldBlu Sketchnotes - James Carlson

Traci Fenton at WorldBlu live

My friend James Carlson captures amazing sketchnotes on his iPad using Adobe Ideas from the WorldBlu Live Conference. Have a look at his Flickr Photostream for more great stuff.

ValioCon 2011 Sketchnotes - Patrick Haney & Jenna Marino

Check out these wonderful sketchnotes from ValioCon 2011 in San Diego, CA, captured by Patrick Haney and Jenna Marino of Hanerino:

ValioCon Sketchnotes Page 1 & 2
Patrick Haney's sketchnotes make great use of diagrams.

Jenna's Sketchnotes, Page 4
Jenna Marino's sketchnotes feature fun cartoon drawing and great handwriting.

Once again, it's really fun to see two people taking notes at the same event with quite different interpretations. See the complete ValioCon 2011 Sketchnote set on Flickr.

Great work Patrick and Jenna!

FOWD 2011 Sketchnotes - Eva-Lotta Lamm & Sam Hardacre

Got wind of some Future of Web Design 2011 (FOWD) sketchnotes from London:

Aaron Walter: Transforming Ideas into Interfaces
Eva-Lotta Lamm was there - see her full set.

Sam Hardacre was there too. See his sketchnotes in his twitter feed (Sam, once your sketchnotes are up in a set, let me know so I can feature them here).

Ubelly is sharing varied sketchnotes from the event and organized Eva-Lotta and Sam for the event - thanks guys!

Also check out the recorded sketchnoting on Ustream.

If you see other sketchnotes of FOWD 2011, drop me a line so I can add them here.


Big Omaha Sketchnotes - Jeremy Harrington

Big Omaha Sketchnotes Page 1

Here's a great collection of sketchnotes from Big Omaha 2011 by Jeremy Harrington. I'm loving how Jeremy uses tonality and shading to separate elements of his page, making these so visually interesting.

Full set is on Flickr. Great work Jeremy!