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Scottish Ruby Conference Sketchnotes - Matthew Lang

Mlang groupon sn

I'm always excited to see others giving sketchnotes a try, even if they feel their drawing abilities are not "hang it in the gallery" quality, because it's about the thinking and not the drawing.

Case in point, these lovely sketchnotes by Matthew Lang from Scottish Ruby Conference. I love that Matthew is exploring the use of emphasized typography and drawing in these notes. I can tell that he's having fun. Great work Matthew!

If you're not an artist type, don't let that stop you from capturing sketchnotes with the skills you do have. You'd be surprised at how deeply rooted your visual sense is.

I give you the permission to sketchnote.

Midwest UX 2011 Sketchnotes

Here are two examples of sketchnotes from Midwest UX 2011.

MidwestUX - Jared Spool's "The Secret Lives of Links"
Sketchnotes of Jared Spool's talk by Binaebi Akah. See her full set.

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Sketchnotes of Jesse James Garret's talk by Grant Carlile. See his full set.

Great work Binaebi and Grant!


Sketchnotes from MIX11 - Krystal Higgins

Sketch 03
Krystal Higgins captured a wide variety of sketchnotes at Microsoft's MIX11 conference. I love all of the little notes and cartoony characters she's infused into her work.

Read her MIX11 blog post for more details.

Nice job Krystal!

TED Sketchnotes from Recordings - Cristiano Siri

The power of time off 1 of 2

The power of time off 2 of 2

Here's an example of sketchnotes captured after the fact from TED videos by Cristiano Siri. This particular TED presentation, The Power of Time Off by Stefan Sagmeister is a great one to watch. Check out Cristiano's Flickr stream for more sketchnote examples.

Remember, you don't always need to be physically at an event to capture ideas. All you need is a recorded video or even audio from a podcast.

Give it a try — working from recorded video and audio is a great way to practice your skills.

Nice work Cristiano!

UX London 2011 Sketchnotes

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Colorful sketchnotes from Amanda Wright from UX London 2011. See the entire UX London set on Flickr and read the UX London 2011 post too.

Alan Cooper - It's All Us
Jason Bootle also captured sketchnotes at UX London 2011. Full UX London 2011 set on Flickr.

UX London sketchnotes
Sketchnotes from Sam Smith of the same event. It's interesting to see Sam's more radial approach to capturing information on a two page spread.

It's always fascinating to me how different everyone's sketchnote approaches are.