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Mauro Toselli, curator: IT Director, sketchnoter, author, living in Italy.

Binaebi Akah, curator: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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EETC Sketchnotes - Benjamin Norris

Eetc 2012 sketchnotes 1

Benjamin Norris is doing some great work on sketchnotes. Above is a sample of his work from the Early Education Technology Conference (EETC). Super nice typography here, along with clear, well structured elements and handwriting.


Gary Vaynerchuk Sketchnotes - The Knowledge Distillery

Garyvee Building Personal Brand

The team at the Knowledge Distillery are having some fun with sketchnotes, starting with this one from a 2008 talk by Gary Vaynerchuk at Web 2.0.

Check out their feed for more sketchnotes and visual thinking work.

Keep on rockin' the sketchnotes guys!


Sketchnotes 2011 Book - Eva-Lotta Lamm


One of my favorite sketchnoters — Eva-Lotta Lamm — has just released her latest book Sketchnotes 2011. The new book includes over 100 talks as sketchnotes, captured in 2011, along with a special guest section featuring 10 of Eva-Lotta's favorite sketchnoters, capturing the same TED talk in their own style.

Guest sketchnoters include Amanda Wright, Bauke Schildt, Carolyn Sewell, Craighton Berman, Gerren Lamson, Len Kendall, Matthew Magain, Paul Soupiset, Timothy J. Reynolds and me, Mike Rohde.

The new book is $32 at

Here's a sample page:

The Ministry of Stories & Matt Adams @ The Story 2011

Be sure to check out Eva-Lotta's 2009-2010 book as well — check out sample pages in this book on Flickr.


JQuery UK - Chris Shipton

Jquery ux

Love the work of Chris Shipton from JQuery UK. I enjoy seeing Chris' use of cartoony characters in this piece.

Be sure to check out this great Rich Pictures illustration of the differences between different kinds of visual note-taking.


UX London Sketchnotes - Michele Ide-Smith

Check out these wonderful sketchnotes of UX London from Michele Ide-Smith:

Leah Buley, UX Team of One Bootcamp

I love the idea of a little calendar on the top right of the page to show what day the sketchnotes were captured.

Be sure to read her detailed analysis of the talks and sketchnotes in her UX Red Gate article UX London in sketchnotes.

Great work Michelle!