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Mauro Toselli, curator: IT Director, sketchnoter, author, living in Italy.

Binaebi Akah, curator: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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Integrating Checklists in the Workplace: Jose Castro


Here is a sketchnote by Jose Castro.

He wrote:

I read a few books and topics about checklists, so I decided to create a sketchnote about integrating checklists in the workplace.

Great work Jose!

- Mauro


Expressing my thoughts with digital medium: Yasuhisa @yhassy


Un post condiviso da Yasuhisa Hasegawa (@yhassy) in data: 13 Apr 2017 alle ore 19:48 PDT


Today we feature this outstanding work by Yasuhisa .

She whote:

"I have been experimenting with Apple Pencil since it came out. As a designer, I am very curious if iPad + Apple Pencil will change designers workflow.

These sketchnotes are my attempts for expressing my thoughts in digital medium. "

I love the use of this warm colors palette!

- Mauro




Sketchnoting a TedX Talk: Pia Lorber


Un post condiviso da @pia.lorber in data: 3 Apr 2017 alle ore 07:44 PDT

Here  is a nice work by Pia Lorber 

She wrote:

I took it during a Tedx Talk. Before i just sketchnoted in class but i wanted to practice a bit and this is the result.

I like the use of those nice icons and visuals!

Great work Pia!

- Mauro 



Visual Library: Marco Hitschler @irrlicht

Here is a small portion of the fantastic work by Marco Hitschler.

He wrote:

"Dear Sketchnote Army.

Last days I have created this large visual library, which I want to share with you. The drawings are taken from my reality, cartoons and drawing books. In general I have learned 2 things. First, you need not so much symbols to create sketchnotes. Second, some images get their association with the context around and not with the drawing itself.

Move forward, Sketchnote Army.
Best Regards


Please, do not miss the whole Visual Library on Marco's website

Truly outstanding work, Marco!

- Mauro



Sketchnoter's Story: Elvia Vasconcelos @ElviaVasc 

We are happy to host a new Sketchnoter's Story by Elvia Vasconcelos .



What sketchnoting has done for me

I’ll start by giving the plot away by telling you that the coolest thing that has happened to me because of sketchnoting was meeting 🎤 Roisin Murphy 🎤 on her birthday last year.

If you don’t know who Roisin is, well… that’s what google is for. Now, go and dance it away. No wait, read this first.

👸 Barbies and cheating - how it all started

“I am a 💪 feminist but” (queue to listen to the guilty 💪 feminist podcast), when I was a child I loved barbies so much I once gave a touching performance at a mall begging people to buy ‘her’ clothes because the winter was coming, she didn’t have anything to wear and she would frieze to death. And I sobbed dramatically 😭 . My mother, mortified 😳, explained to the outraged people that I was talking about my doll, that btw had plenty of clothes to wear 😅.

I was such a fan that I had a subscription to the ‘Barbie Club’ 🙅 #NoRegretsThough. One month, there was a competition: send a drawing and you can win a doll.

I want a doll.
I need a doll.
I am going to win this.

The only problem was that at 6 I was rubbish at drawing. But, my sister Laura (the prodigy child 🙄 ) was incredible at it. So I convinced her to make a drawing for me. I had to persuade her that this was cheating for a good cause ---> my happiness and dire need 😜. She made an A3 drawing (show off 🙄 ) and * we * won.

I was disappointed when I opened the post and received a ken instead of a barbie but as my other ken had a broken leg (oops) this was good news in the end. A month later this one had a broken leg too 👀 . Mmmm.

This was the first time I can remember thinking ‘this drawing thing is cool!’

Cigarettes, lipstick and crying - my visual practice

Fast forward to university, I found myself enduring 9 hours of life drawing a week. 👎 This would have been torture enough had it not been made worse by the drawing teacher, whose reputation preceded her as being very rigid 👿 with her students . We got off on the wrong foot.

There was I, trying my best to draw the naked person in front of me, the teacher looking over my shoulder puffing silently until I hear a *No, No, No this is all wrong!* followed by taking the charcoal out of my hand to show me all the ways my drawing was a humongous piece of 💩.. T9 hours a week.

I was reduced to tears many times, though only once in front of the whole class #CryingInMyCar. After a year of humiliation, I had to retake this class again 😧 which was part of a 2 year long course = 3 years of this.

After those very intense 3 years, Maria Helena Redondo 👩‍🎨 has by far been the most important, inspiring and life changing teacher I have ever had in my life. Through her teachings I was able to find myself in drawing and this has been at the core of my creative practice ever since. Thank you Helena 😘 .

To this day we keep in touch.

Having a voice - UX community

After I graduated and started working 👩‍💻 in digital, I became interested in the world 🌍 of UX. I attended all the afterwork local events, and got particularly engaged with the UXPA UK (User Experience Professional Association). They are a volunteer run association so I put myself forward to help.

When I went to meet Raj, who was leading the volunteer programme at the time, he suggested I did sketchnoting. ‘Yes, I can do that👌’ I said. On my way out I googled ‘sketchnoting examples’ 😅. My first ever ✏️ sketchnote✍️ took me ages⏰.

I continued to develop my practice by attending all the UXPA and other Design related events I found interesting. I was surprised with the positive feedback coming from people both in person and on social media. I found that I could go to an event, not even speak to anyone and still be part of the conversation. Obviously the goal was to have real life conversations, but I felt that the sketchnoting was my way into conversations. It forced me to have a point of view and be vocal about it. It allowed me to be an active part of the UX community I followed.

As I grew more confident I started to be invited to attend conferences:

I approached Be Kaler about sketchnoting UCD2013. A last minute drop out in the speakers prompted Be to invite me to give my first ever conference talk and so I did, knees shaking + big smile. Thanks Be 🤗 After this I iterated that talk to an introductory course on sketchnotes, which I have delivered in both my workplaces ever since.

Soon my practice extended to scribing and filming my sketchnotes.

Meeting Roisin Murphy - the greatest thing ever

I was sitting down in the kitchen lamenting to my flatmates that Roisin Murphy was giving a talk in Soho but it was obviously sold out - everything in this city has to be booked with 6 months notice bla bla bla. They suggested I put myself forward to sketchnote it 🤔. The next day I tweeted a little teaser to Soho House offering my sketchnoting services. And then Roisin retweeted me.

Followed by:

And some celebratory dancing:

And so I went, to sketchnote Roisin💁‍♀️ on her birthday🎂. The evening was about 💪feminism💪 and Pop Music. #DiedAndGoneToHeaven #ItWasInAChapel #NotReligiousButFromPortugal

Sketchnoting has brought me good things, I am grateful. I am looking forward to future (collaborations and) opportunities to publish my sketchnotes and to use them as an excuse to meet awesome people.

Ps: Follow me on Sketchnotes_are_awesome

Elvia Vasconcelos


This is super-awesome!

I enjoyed so much your story, Elvia!

Thank you for sharing with us.

- Mauro

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