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Mike Rohde, creator: Designer, author of The Sketchnote Handbook & Workbook, and illustrator, living in Wisconsin.

Mauro Toselli, curator: IT Director, sketchnoter, author, living in Italy.

Binaebi Akah, curator: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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Sketchnoter's Stories you may like

Using Sketchnote in Class - Karen Wilson

I do love this sketchnote by Karen Wilson .

She wrote:

As a secondary school teacher, I have taken to using sketchnotes to explain many things, including programmes, so students can apply the various techniques to their own sketches of chapter summaries. In New Zealand, in Year 11, students begin Level 1 of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). Sometimes students prefer to take a tactical approach and this sketchnote attempts to outline important standards they must pass to avoid end-of-year pressure and various options for endorsement. Visiting teachers to my classroom see my sketchnotes on the whiteboard and describe me as 'visual' which is strange since I preferred linear bullet point notes over "the brainstorm" when I was a student.

After sharing this particular sketchnote with fellow teachers on #BFC630NZ, I was stoked that Mauro Toselli asked me to submit to Sketchnote Army.

Yes, Karen! We at Sketchnote Army are very interested in how teachers use sketchnote in class and how "visuals" are putting a foot in the door of education.

I find your sketchnote a great example.

Thank you for sharing with us!

- Mauro 


Changing behaviours to keep teeth in optimal position - a sketchnote by Dyan Burgess


The unmistakable Dyan Burgess style.

She wrote:

After picking up Mike Rhodes' books two years ago I have consistently practiced the tips to assist with my note taking. This makes like so much easier when you can create a memorable note in a short time because of the techniques learnt in the Sketchnote books. This note is one, of many, that collect in my (never leave home without it) moleskine. Thank you Sketchnote Army for inspiring notes to be taken and lessons learnt more quickly through Sketchnoting.

We thank you, Dyan!

- Mauro



Où sont nos œufs?? - A Sketchnote by Céline Pernot-Burlet 

Here a colorful and lovely sketchnote by Céline Pernot-Burlet .
She wrote:
Sketchnoting my family daily "adventures" is a way to laugh at our daily life Here it was the robbery of the eggs of our hens. I enjoy adding some watercolour.
Love the fresh, comic style with brilliant colours.
Well done Céline!
- Mauro


A Sketchnoter to Milan Design Week

Hello fellow Sketchnoters, Mauro here!

As some of you already knew from my Twitter feed I'm invited to run a Sketchnote workshop at Moleskine Smart Writing Centre located in BASE Milano (ex-Ansaldo) Via Bergognone 34.

The workshop title is "Free your Notes to Free your Mind" and we will use the very new Moleskine Smart Writing Set

I would like to heartily thank you Moleskine, the awesome guys at Ciclica and the outstanding illustrator Veronica for this opportunity and the warm welcome.

Today will be a very exciting and active day and I would like to share with you as much as I can.

Following there is a live window where I'll summarize everything I'll do and share directly, on Twitter and on Istagram.

For those who will follow on the move, you can find the same live-feed on my mobile friendly website.

Feel free to ask me anything on my Twitter account @xLontrax .

In case you share on Twitter or Instagram about the event or the Smart Writing Set don't forget to use this hashtag: #MoleskineSWS.


- Mauro





Sketchnoting books: "Living Forward" sketchnoted by Matt Miller

Today we feature Matt Miller who sketchnoted  "Living Forward" by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy .

He wrote:

When I read something that connects with me, my first impulse is to do something with it and share it with others. I like to take the message of authors or keynote speakers and put my own twist on it through organization and illustration. I read "Living Forward" by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy, a book about intentional living and creating a life plan. I incorporated the same blue that dominated the book's design as a spot color and tried to incorporate lots of icons as visual hooks.

Here you can find two more sketchnotes about the book:

"... my first impulse is to do something with it and share it with others ..." 

I like how you think Matt!

- Mauro

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