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Masterclass Innovation-Boost: Laura Peetoom

Here is a nice capture by Laura Peetoom  
She wrote:
This one was made during a masterclass innovation-boost. My first sketchnote of visual note or visual Harvest made live. During the Day the 6 drawings became one big review of the day and everyone enjoyed them. Almost threw their own notes away. It was so mutch fun tot do!!
Well done Laura!
- Mauro

Study with Sketchnotes: Melaine D'Cruze



An excellent use of sketchnote by Melaine D'Cruze!

She wrote:

To study for his grade 4 science lesson on Teeth, my son was having difficulty remembering all the facts from his text book. Having recently read about sketchnoting and infodoodling, I thought it would be a good idea to do a visual depiction of the facts. So, we sat together and put together all the facts visually. He loved it and remembers everything about teeth. He hopes to ace his assessment next week! We hope to do many more visual representations of the different subjects that he is studying.

You can see other Melanies' sketchnote on her Flickr page

Thanks for sharing Melanie!

- Mauro




First Sketchnote: Erica Shaine

Here is one of  the firts Erica Shaine's sketchnotes after she read The Sketchnote Handbook.

She captures Susan Cain's talk on the Power of Introverts.

Use of colors, connectors, structure, a great start.

Keep sketchnoting Erica!

- Mauro


The difference between inquiry and research: Zeina Chalich

A digital sketchnote by  .

Her comment:

What is the difference between inquiry and research? One seeks more questions in learning, the other merely provides answers. Encourage your students to inquire! 

Thanks for sharing, Zeina!

- Mauro




"A Crash Course in Urban Sketching" Sketchnoted presentation: Wes Douglas

A great sketchnote by Wes Douglas about Barbara Weeks presentation he used for the course in tandem with her:  "A Crash Course in Urban Sketching" .

He write:

I sketched these notes using a Sharpied Fine Point and a few highlighter markers for color in a generic, spiral-bound sketchbook. This was part of a workshop entitled "A Crash Course in Urban Sketching" and these were a few of the tips passed along to the attendees. 

I would like to encourage everyone to read carefully this sketchnote: it is very helpful for us sketchnoters as well.

Thank you for sharing, Wes!

- Mauro




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