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Mauro Toselli, curator: IT Director, sketchnoter, author, living in Italy.

Binaebi Akah, curator: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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Buffalo Grove SIT Conference 2015 by Carrie Baughcum

A sketchnote Carrie Baughcum captured at the Buffalo Grove SIT Conference 2015.

I love the story behind it:

My friend told me about it, conference for students by students.”You totally should come. Your daughter is finally old enough to attend. Tech and kids…it’s a fantastic day,” she said.

I signed my daughter up to attend the Buffalo Grove SIT Conference 2015. Then I decided why should she have all the fun and I signed up to be a volunteered at the conference!

Bright and early on a Saturday morning my daughter and I drove to Buffalo Grove, IL. There we would join hundreds of other 3rd-12th graders for a technology conference for students by students. To top that there would also be four other SIT Conferences going on the exact same day and time as ours throughout the state of Illinois!!!

As quickly as the keynote my daughter was off with her friend to the sessions they had selected. The conference had started and to say it was a beyond awesome experience would be an understatement. This sketchnote is just pieces of all the awesome that happened at that amazing conference for kids!! 

You can see more sketchnotes by Carrie on her website.

Thank you for sharing with us, Carrie!

- Mauro



Leadership Training Sketchnote by Pavel Dvorak

Leadership training sketchnote by Pavel Dvorak.

Goog job, Pavel. Thanks for sharing!

- Mauro





Sketchnoting all-text notes from others: Dominique Fougere

Here is how Dominique Fougere sketchnoted a colleague's textual note.
She wrote:
These are my sketchnotes based on a coworker's bulleted, all-text notes that he took during a workshop on gamification. These were not done live- they were for me to practice my lettering and composition, which needs fine-tuning! Drawn with Sharpies and Staples highlighters.
I suggest to visit her website for other great works.
Great Work, Dominique!
- Mauro


The power of the visuals and its application in project management tools: Alejandro Pérez 

We are happy to share a guest post by our friend Alejandro Pérez.

Today I am writing this post about the power of the visuals and its application in project management tools and techniques such as Sketchnoting, Kanban or Lego Serious Play.

As the popular proverb says: "A picture is worth a thousand words", we are receiving up to 80% of the information that we process by our visual senses. Knowing the power of the visual in our daily lives, it makes sense to apply it in our project management tasks. 

If you are studying for the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification you probably know how important is to have supporting mindmaps or visual diagrams to help you to remember all the important subjects.

One technique that is gaining strength today is the Sketchnoting as J.Pampliega Carlos explains in his blog:

Sketchnoting conceptualize information and ideas (of a presentation, lecture, workshop, meeting, etc.) through visual notes.

To create these notes we use metaphors to conceptualize information. Visual metaphors express ideas through symbolic images. These images are composed of forms, words and simple drawings, which help fix concepts in our memory and to recall them later easily.

While creating these notes we use different parts of our brain, including its most creative part and normally would not use to listen to a lecture, or during an analytical process. In this way, in the process of creating visual notes, a greater number of neural connections that help set longer in our memory concepts are established.

For those who like to be trendy and follow trends, the famous brand of "notebooks" Moleskine has released a special edition SketchNoting with everything necessary for this, can be found here.

I also want to recommend the book from Mike Rohde: The Sketchnote Handbook to expand your knowledge on the subject and learn  sketchnoting techniques. You can purchase it at Amazon.

And it is not only visual techniques that we are talking about, also visual Agile project management methodologies like Kanban and its visual boards that help us to make a management based on visual inputs, there are a lot of different Kanban tools for visually manage projects.

Finally another tool of visual creativity that is catching a lot of force lately is the methodology Lego Serious Play that consists in the use of LEGO pieces chosen specifically for this methodology with that each person builds three-dimensional models responding to specific questions facilitator.

These models serve as a basis for the exchange of ideas within the group and helps generate knowledge and this is retained for much longer.

So far this week's article, I hope you liked what you have read and you can use it on your daily work.

Alejandro Pérez


UX guidelines for AppleWatch Sketchnote by Ravi Palwe

This is one of the sketchnotes Ravi Palwe did about the latest UX trends.

You can see the whole post on his blog.

Great work, Ravi!

- Mauro