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Mike Rohde, creator: Designer, author of The Sketchnote Handbook & Workbook, and illustrator, living in Wisconsin.

Mauro Toselli, curator: IT Director, sketchnoter, author, living in Italy.

Binaebi Akah, curator: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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First Sketchnote: Irena Kovalchuk

Here is the first sketchnote by Irena Kovalchuk.

She wrote:

I am Graphic design student in Poland. And this is my 1st attempt of sketchnoting. It was made during the lesson so my collegues were surprised with my notes asking whether it was the same lesson they were listening to sitting nearby me.

Wow, a great start. Keep going Irena!

- Mauro



Sketchnoters' Stories - "Spreading the Sketchnote Love": Nadine Roßa 

Today's story is from Nadine Roßa.

Spoiler Alert: very good photos :-)


Spreading the Sketchnote Love


My love for sketchnotes began in 2011 when I first met Eva Lotta Lamm at TYPO Berlin. She was not only a lovely person, she was also carrying a small notebook containing notes on the talks that she attended. But the notes weren’t “normal” ones — i.e. in the form of text on paper – they were rather visual. I was really impressed by what I saw, she basically drew what she heard while she was looking and listening. I was deeply impressed (and yes, she still is my personal sketchnote goddess), and so I started doing the same. What a delight! At the beginning it was a little tricky. I was just not used to listening and drawing at the same time. But it took just a couple of talks and there it started – my personal sketchnote love. 



Meeting Eva-Lotta at that conference four years ago was an eye-opener for me personally. How could I have not known about sketchnotes so far? Actually, when I think about it, I have always done sketchnoting while studying at university, but for some reason, I always forced it into the classical way of writing things down. I guess that’s because I was taught that for such a long time. And now in fact, I can’t imagine taking “normal” notes or visiting conferences without taking sketchnotes anymore. I learned right away that taking sketchnotes really helped me soak up the content of talks. I was more “awake” and concentrated during presentations, and at the end I loved the fact that I had a page that gave an overview of what had been said at a glance. Now that I’ve been sketchnoting for several years, I own several notebooks full of them. And I love them!


I like to share my sketchnotes via Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. In the beginning I just did it, not really knowing why. I am convinced that they are not that interesting for others as the are for me regarding their contents. But I noticed that people really liked seeing them, and that it raised the awareness for the topic of sketchnoting, which now has become a movement. 

A while ago I had the idea of doing a collection of all the sketchnotes I’d taken over the years, besides just posting them to Instagram and Twitter. I felt like they deserved a special place. The idea behind it was simple. I’d just call it what it is: Sketchnote love. So, I checked to see if the domain was still available. It was. I was really happy about that because I didn’t have much luck with .com domains lately. I took that as a sign.


Being a visual designer I started with creating a logo for my new little side project. That is a) a lot of fun and b) at some point I would need it anyways. The idea for that logo was very clear to me right away: a tattoo-ish heart with a pen. 


And then I needed the website of course. First, I just thought of presenting my sketchnotes but I noticed that would be boring. I remembered people asking me about how I create them, where I start, what tools I use and how I do it. So I made a tutorial for beginners as well. I love seeing other people’s work processes, so I documented the logo process and I added that to site, too.

I really love seeing people discovering sketchnotes – even people from fields other than design. I think it is such a good and fun way to take notes. It makes things easier to understand. It also helps to structure our thoughts and ideas, especially when we’re bombarded with information. My hope is that my site will spread the (sketchnote) love all over.


Photo credits: Norman Posselt


Wow Nadine,

"... and that it raised the awareness for the topic of sketchnoting, which now has become a movement. "

 thanks so much for pointing this out and for sharing this story. 

- Mauro



Sketchnoted Ministry Retreat Handout: Lydia Perry

Here is a work by Lydia Perry

She wrote:

Recently I presented at a ministry retreat for teens. Instead of the usual handouts I decided to make a sketchnote for them to take home. It's been a lot of fun to create these!

Good job, Lydia!

- Mauro


A review of "The Sketchnote Handbook" from Moskow: Tata Timofeeva


Неделя 33.📆 Книга 33.📚 "Визуальные заметки", Майк Роуди. Сия книга являет собой иллюстрированное руководство по скетчноутингу (то бишь по созданию разнообразных визуальных заметок, состоящих из рукописного текста, рисунков, схем и изобразительных элементов, таких как стрелки, рамки, типографика и линии).📋 Я очень давно записываю подобным образом лекции, мысли, делаю конспекты, поэтому откровения от прочтения книги у меня не было... Но! Она очень крутая!😍 В ней и полезные советы от автора, который много лет делает такие скетчи и является основателем движения скетчноутеров, и обалденная типографика, и опыт других людей, и потрясное качество самого издания, так что читать книгу для меня было сплошным удовольствием, полным предвкушения, потому что.... !!!Внимание!!! 20 октября стартует мой авторский курс (не имеющих аналогов) 📕"Арт-Бук Искусствоведа"📕, на котором Вы не только прослушаете сжатый курс по истории искусства, но и научитесь делать визуальные заметки и по окончанию будете иметь полноценный, собственноручно созданный Арт-Бук. 📘🙏🏻 #7октября2015 #визуальныезаметки_отзыв_таты Сейчас практически всей семьёй пришли на Концерт в Большой театр🌟 Ух!

Una foto pubblicata da Tata (@tatatimofeeva) in data: 7 Ott 2015 alle ore 09:02 PDT

Here a nice shot by Tata Timofeeva .

I can't refrain myself to draw your attention to the location of the original post on Instagram: Bolshoi Theatre!

Hey Mike, I think this is one of the most glorious locations where a review was written.

Una foto pubblicata da Tata (@tatatimofeeva) in data: 11 Ott 2015 alle ore 11:57 PDT


Thank you Tata.

Very much appreciated!

And, of course, great sketchnotes!

- Mauro 


Wonderful! I never would have imagined a review of my book at this famous location in Moscow!

- Mike




Sketchnoters' Stories - "Sketchnoting Books" by Karin Perry

Today's story is from Karin Perry.

She'll literally illustrate her path about sketchnoting book.


Well, I've been sketchnoting for 7 months. I was at a conference on April 27th and started sketchnoting during that. In the attachment below you'll see my first attempt. I wasn't prepared. I only had my pens and a notebook. Nothing to really add color. Also, you can see that I didn't add many pictures so basically these are just notes. (The presentation was extremely fast-paced. It was tough to listen and get stuff down on paper at the same time.) My colleague Dr. Mary Ann Bell was the first person to bring sketchnoting to my attention.

At the end of the first day I made a trip to the office supply store and bought colored pencils. I was afraid markers would leak through my paper. There was a definite improvement on Day 2.


A few days later (May 3rd) I created my first sketchnote based on a young adult novel. Based on what I know now, there is WAAAAYYYY too much white space and my quotes were too long.

The next week I finished the book DUMPLIN' by Julie Murphy. It is great by the way. I did the sketchnote for it right away. It was definitely better than NOWHERE BUT HERE, but still needed some improvement with white space.

At the end of May I made a jump to the iPad. As you'll be able to see, I still struggled with white space – even using a different medium. What I liked and still like about the iPad is the ability to zoom in and out to draw easier in tight spaces and the ability to erase to get something right.

Here is one based on the book REBOOT by Amy Tintera. I was feeling creative I guess since I put the Sketchnote inside the state of Texas, which is the setting for the book.

In June, 2015 I made another change to my system. I decided to try different background colors in my sketching app. By this time I also settled on my preferred app which is Autodesk Sketchbook. I did pay for the extra tools, but it wasn't that much. The app itself is free and I could definitely get along without the extras, but I just wanted them. The extras give more colors and some cool tools like blending and stuff.Also, I hope you'll be able to see that I'm getting between with blank space. I'm filling up the page better in each one.

At the end of July I made another change. I started formatting my "canvas" to a 500px to 500 px square. This is mostly because I post my Sketchnotes to Instagram. My space issues are still improving.

On July 28th I attended the Scholastic Reading Summit. This is the first workshop/conference that I did my Sketchnotes directly on the iPad. It was an all day conference so it took two Sketchnotes.

My technique seems to have leveled out. Here are a few of my favorite recent sketchnotes. My goal now is to work on lettering.


Thank you for inviting me to post. Make any adjustments you need to.

- Karin Perry

It is fantastic to see how Karin's techniques evolved in time.

Thank you very much for sharing your story Karin!

- Mauro