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Who is behind Sketchnote Army?

Mike Rohde, creator: Designer, author of The Sketchnote Handbook & Workbook, and illustrator, living in Wisconsin.

Mauro Toselli, curator: IT Director, sketchnoter, author, living in Italy.

Steve Silbert, curator: Agile Coach, sketchnoter, author, living in Virginia.

Binaebi Akah, alumni: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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Sketchnoter's Stories you may like

Documenting books: Thilko Richter

Here is a sketchnote by Thilko Richter .

He wrote:  

Hi Mike,
I´ve created some sketchnotes as documentation for a book that I am reading. I think it´s a great way to focus on the relevant parts and it is much more fun to browse through the notes!

Good work, Thilko!

- Mauro


Sermonotes!!! by Eric M Rudd

'The Last Supper - the NEW Covenant' Sermon sketchnotes: Mark 14.17-26 (L/R). #sketchbook #sketchnote #sermon #sermonote #gospel #hope #purpose #sketching #drawing #visualjournal #moleskine #sharpie #fruit #blessed #ink #rollingstones

This is a "Sermonote" by Pastor Eric M Rudd .

He wrote:

I am a pastor who works better from images than written manuscript - besides, they seem to resonate with people more than my preaching...

I exegete and plan out my messages just as I would if I were to type them (no shortcuts to good studying) but when I coalesce the material into my sketchbook it takes form as sermonotes.

Dont miss other Eric's works on his Flickr.

I DO love "Sermonotes" term, Eric!

Thank you for sharing with us.


Piktochart present: Sketchnotes 101 with Mike Rohde - Friday March, 4 2016 on 

Save the date!

Join us on Friday March, 4 2016 at 11.00AM PT / 1.00PM CT on

This event is organized by the awesome guys at Piktochart .

Do you have a question for Mike and/or about Sketchnote?

Great! Here you can submit your question and see what other people are going to ask!

See you there?

Of course! Will be fun!

- Mauro



Gary Vaynerchuk Snapchat Hacks and Tips Sketchnoted by Selina Wragg

Here is a sketchnoted recap by  Selina Wragg summarising the recent advice given by Gary Vaynerchuk on how to use Snapchat and why it's so important.

In case you are intereste in the topic Selina wrote a blog post about this

Thanks for sharing, Selina!

- Mauro


30-Day Sketchnote Challenge Book Important Update

I have unfortunate news. The book I announced about a month ago, The 30-Day Sketchnote Challenge, will not be published with Peachpit Press.

Here’s what happened

Pearson, the parent company of Peachpit who published my books, is laying off 10% of its global workforce.

Most of my book team at Peachpit were among the unlucky ones, including my fantastic editor Nikki McDonald.

Nikki has guided me in creating two bestselling books with Peachpit: The Sketchnote Handbook, and The Sketchnote Workbook (both still for sale).

I was shocked.

I’m very grateful to Peachpit for the books we’ve created together, but after hearing the news, I requested a release from my book contract. It didn’t make sense to create this new book without the help of my full team.

(Pearson informed me this week that they’re cancelling the book contract.)

Peachpit will not be publishing The 30-Day Sketchnote Challenge, but that’s not the end of this book idea.

What’s next?

I’m still considering my options. I might crowdfund The 30-Day Sketchnote Challenge as a printed book, an online course, or a daily email course. I still believe a 30-day guided course on sketchnoting is a great idea.

However, I also know that writing, illustrating, and designing books is demanding, time-consuming work. It’s hard on me and my family. I’ve decided to take a little time before making a decision.

While I’m figuring out which direction to take with the book, I plan to experiment with 30-day ideas, testing them with a small team.

I will also restart my twice-monthly newsletter, The Rohdesign Dispatch, featuring links on visual thinking, tools and ideas. Sign up here for free.

Why I love to teach sketchnoting

This sudden shift in direction got me thinking about why I love sketchnoting. Here’s what I’ve realized:

I write books, teach workshops, share ideas, and encourage others to sketchnote because I believe everyone is creative. I’m fulfilled when I help people discover and develop the creativity already inside them.

Considering my vision, a publisher offering or cancelling a book is really just an implementation detail.

Thank you

I appreciate your continued support. I wish my first book update offered better news. But I don’t view the cancellation of my book as an ending. I see it as merely a change in direction, possibly even a new beginning. The route may change, but the journey will always be about teaching, sharing, and encouraging creativity through sketchnoting.

I hope you’ll join me, wherever this next path may lead.

— Mike Rohde