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Binaebi Akah, curator: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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First Sketchnote: Edward Gomez

Another first sketchnote!

This time by Edward Gomez

He sketchnoted the regular weekly astrophysics seminar at Cardiff University.

Well done Edward, keep going!

- Mauro


First Sketchnote: Arjana Blazic

Here is a nice sketchnote by Arjana Blazic

She wrote:

I'm a language arts teacher from Croatia and this is my first sketchnote. It's based on the whitepaper Inspiring a Generation to Create by the Center For Childhood Creativity. The paper provides a number of useful activities on how to promote creativity with students. I chose this topic for my first sketchnote because I'm passionate about creativity and I strongly believe that everybody is creative and talented in one way or another.

A very good first sketchnote Arjana!

- Mauro


Sketchnote tips by Corinna Baldauf

Here some great tips from Corinna Baldauf.

Taking notes helps me stay focused on a topic. (Mine is a wandering mind.) With sketchnotes I can tell one note from the other, remember more and actually look at them, because they’re pretty. I sketchnoted at Agile 2015 and inspired some people Twitter to join! For them, I did an impromptu session about easy tricks to spice up sketchnotes. The above is a sketchnote about sketchnotes was my "session outline" :)

Beautiful work, Corinna!

- Mauro



Non-linear note taking: Jessica Chung

Most of you have gathered that I work with and teach students. I was at a workshop about learning and I took some #sketchnotes. It's basically capturing ideas visually, instead of the conventional line by line. All it took was starting with a blank page - and it's a fun way to add lettering to something. I learn deeper this way, and so wished I discovered it earlier in life - if you have young ones, maybe they would resonate with this method? I'll be writing a blog post about this soon! #sketchnote #sketchnotearmy #lettering #handlettering #handlettered #calligraphy #brushlettering #brushpen #tombow #notes #notetaking #studying #studytips #visualnotes #plannercommunity #levenger #arcsystem #studyblr

Una foto pubblicata da Jessica (@prettyprintsandpaper) in data: 29 Lug 2015 alle ore 05:44 PDT

I like the good hand-written typography in this Jessica Chung's sketchnote.

She wrote: 

I love being able to capture ideas in a way that not only do I want to revisit it, but intrigues others too. I'm an avid handletter-er and it's a fun way to incorporate that. I'm so glad I discovered this technique - our brains aren't linear, so why do notes have to be? 

Beautiful work Jessica!

- Mauro



Replacing a Traditional with Sketchnotes: James Valentine

I really like the structure of this James Valentine's sketchnote.

Moreover what he wrote is interesting:

I saw a tweet about replacing a traditional powerpoint with sketchnotes. I sat down on my lunch break and started doodling and was excited to see it come together. 

Very promising James! I bet your next presentation will be fantastic!

- Mauro


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