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Binaebi Akah, curator: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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Sketch + Notes about George Saunders : Andrea Joseph @aheavysoul

A beautiful sketch by Andrea Joseph .

He wrote:

I went to see/hear author George Saunders talk about his new book. I quickly sketched him whilst listening and grabbed some of his words, as he spoke, on the page too.

I love this: the ink traits, the colors, the unusual lettering.

Thank you for sharing with us Andrea!

- Mauro


Sketchnoting at Church: Krystal Whitten 



Here is a great work by Krystal Whitten .

She wrote:

Creating sketchnotes at church has changed going to church for me! I now pay attention better and remember what the sermon was about long after I leave the building. These sketchnotes were from a pre-Easter service. I have a popcorn style of note taking, and I love being able to look back at them and share them with others.

I can't refrain myself to highlight this sentence:

I now pay attention better and remember what the sermon was about long after I leave the building.

So true Krystal!

- Mauro




Sketchnote and rain barrels #genius : Andrea Wendt @AnFranky 

This is genius!



I love this idea by Andrea Wendt

She wrote:

At the moment I am painting our arbor in the garden. When seeing the finished white wall I got the idea to use that white area for a sketchnote. The content should fit to the location and situation so I was looking up some information for "rain barrel" (in German "Regentonne") and created that sketchnote. I tried to integrate the parts of the rain barrel by using arrows. So now there is a little bit education on our rain barrel wall 😉


Again, I LOVE this idea! I think we all will be inspired by this.

Thank you sor sharing Andrea!

- Mauro


The essence of Appreciative Inquiry - a #sketchnote by Divya Sriram @DivyaSriramdiv 


Here is a work by Divya Sriram .

She wrote:

This is a sketch note to capture the essence of Appreciative Inquiry as a tool to enable a positive change. My style revolves around a central icon to anchor the concept and then a neat navigation map to help the reader deepen the themes with a clear icon to convey the meaning.

Very interesting Divya. Thanks for sharing with us.

- Mauro



Schools of The Future Conference at the Sydney Opera House: Andrew On Yi Lai @misterAOY 

I loke this sketchnote by Andrew On Yi Lai 

This sketchnote was created at the Schools of The Future Conference held at the Sydney Opera House during May 2017 and is a visual summary of the wonderful insight presented by both international and local thought leaders in education!

Excellent sketchnote Andrew! I like the limited color palette and the structure using blocks of text, images and discrete separators.

- Mauro

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