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InvisibleOfficeHours Podcast Sketchnote Capture: Sue Caulfield


An interesting example of audio sketchnote captured by Sue Caulfield

She writes:

I was listening to the last episode of the Invisible Office Hours podcast (highly recommend it!) and wanted to put some of my thoughts down on paper. I think in pictures and creating #suedles (Sue + doodle = suedle) is the easiest way for me to process information. The rest is history!

Thank you for sharing Sue!

- Mauro


The Sketchnote Workbook featured Sketchnoter: Scott Torrance

Today's guest is Scott Torrance

Scott's bio on Twitter say:

Exploring #business & #contentmarketing largely thru #doodles | Founder @fluxinsights | For me Twitter is all about relationships & conversations, so lets chat

1. Tell us when you first met Sketchnote/Visual art

I stumbled across it on Twitter (I really wish I could remember the exact visual and who did it) and I started playing around with it at an event. Then I sought out The Sketchnote Handbook and it pulled all the thinking together in one place.

 2. How this impacted on your life/work/thinking?

The most important thing it has done is to let my inner child out (he has been asleep for a long time) and it has given me the confidence to introduce sketchnotes, doodles and visual thinking into more areas of my work.... which means I get paid to do it :)

3. Sketchnotes: digital or analogical? Why?

I find myself sitting in the middle never wholly favouring one over the other. I think they both have their place when used in the right way but without a doubt I feel my skills progress more when I am working with good old pen and paper. I have a constant fear that digital tools are making me a lazy artist :)

 4. Share a Sketchnote secret tip with us!

The single biggest tip that I have been given is using Camscanner app for quickly and easily scanning and tidying up sketchnotes, especially if you travel a lot and don't want to carry a scanner.

 5. What future do you foresee for Sketchnote/Visual Arts?

I hope that there is a more wide spread adoption of visual thinking practices in all areas of life but mainly in the two places we spend most of our lives—education and work. With this will come different ways of thinking about the problems that have stumped us for decades. It is easy when looking at others creations to compare yourself negatively and belittle your own creativity but you can't...the world is crying out for more creative people. You must nurture, protect and develop your inner creative...the future of the world depends on it :)


We thank you Scott for sharing with us.

You can find more about him and his works on:





Sketchnote to help Students to assimilate and synthesize: Lisa Dickson


This is another great story from Lisa Dickson about hoe Sketchnote can help the learning experience.

Here some details.

In our innovative, collaborative and integrated first-year university program, we're trying to introduce students to tools that will help them to assimilate and synthesize the vast number of concepts they'll be expected to understand as students and scholars. We're trying to get them to break from word-for-word transcriptions so that they can interact more effectively and consciously with the texts they are reading. We hope that Sketchnotes will be an effective tool to jog them out of unreflective, purely reiterative note-taking. This is my "Assimilation Break" page that summarizes the key concepts from the first 3 chapters of Ronald Wright's A Short History of Progress.


Thank you for sharing with us, Lisa!

Keep us informed about your project!

- Mauro



The Sketchnote Workbook featured Sketchnoter: Marichiel Boudwin

Today's guest is Marichiel Boudwin

Marichiel's bio on Twitter say:

Visual storyteller. Sketchnoter. Doodler. Featured in The Sketchnote Handbook. Mommy. Closet gamer. PvPer. Mommy. #Handdrawn #Typography

1. Tell us when you first met Sketchnote/Visual art

I first came across Mike Rohde's sketchnotes from SXSW 2009. My husband showed them to me and I was absolutely mesmerized by them. My husband started to sketchnote a chapter from a book and asked me to refine some of the lettering on it. From there, we continued to do sketchnotes on books and videos with him doing the drawings and me doing the text.

 2. How this impacted on your life/work/thinking?

It has impacted my life in that I've been approached by Clients to do sketchnotes for them and have been able to supplement our income by doing sketchnotes. Imagine, getting paid to draw stick figures! I also learned I have a gift for hand drawn typography, something I used to do throughout school growing up and have since been able to revisit. #

3. Sketchnotes: digital or analogical? Why?

I used to be anti-digital and did sketchnotes strictly with pen/paper/markers/highlighters/colored pencils. I thought it was more authentic to use actual ink and paper. However, it was extremely difficult to make changes to sketchnotes this way, and sometimes Clients would request changes after the fact. So I caved and learned to draw digitally. It has made my work so much easier to produce and recolor. Now, I do about 95% of my drawings digitally. I draw on Pixelmator or iDraw using a Wacom tablet.

 4. Share a Sketchnote secret tip with us!

There are no rules! Who says you can't have a sloppy first draft and redo/refine into a second draft? I retain information even better by doing a very rough initial sketch then going back and redoing it a second time. The 2nd time around I'm not rushed and can add all the bells and whistles.

 5. What future do you foresee for Sketchnote/Visual Arts?

I'm seeing more and more people doing Sketchnotes these days and taking notes this way. Some people don't move on to do more than one, but there's an even larger number of people who continue on to pump out more than just one sketchnote. And they just keep looking better and better with practice! I'm very excited to see what people continue come up with and contribute to the sketchnoting community.

Bonus: The Sketchnote Workbook: can you tell us something about it?

The Coconut Cream Pie piece which is featured in the book is a recipe you might see in a video game, which is why you see things like "Item Level," "Statistics," and "Buy from food vendor." It was inspired while playing Final Fantasy XXIV, and I mixed in some World of Warcraft in the recipe too!


We thank you Marichiel for sharing with us.

You can find more about her and her works on:



Travel Sketchnotes: Eva Lotta Lamm


If you are one of the Eva's followers you already know she took a 1 year sabbatical to travel the World.




Clearing out stuff, finding some illustrated maps I did years ago. Better go and check in person if I got them right



— Eva-Lotta Lamm (@evalottchen) September 11, 2014


You can see her travel plan on the first post of her travellog.

Fortunately for us, she didn't put her sketchnoting activity on hiatus and she is creating a series of wolderful sketchnotes to document her journey.

So, make yourself comfortable and take a look at her Sketchnotes. You can find here a slideshow of her dedicated Flickr set.

You can also find them on her blog Secrets From The Road

Lots of inspiration in these Sketchnotes: besides the travel narration that by the way is awesome, we can spot a great series of features such as hierarchy, lettering, shading and color that contribute to her sketchnote storytelling.

Thank you very much Eva-Lotta for sharing with the world.

- Mauro



Sketchnoting Travel Experience is extensively covered in Chapter 6 of
The Sketchnote Workbook

You can grab your copy here


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