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Mike Rohde, creator: Designer, author of The Sketchnote Handbook & Workbook, and illustrator, living in Wisconsin.

Mauro Toselli, curator: IT Director, sketchnoter, author, living in Italy.

Binaebi Akah, curator: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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Sketchnoting food: Veronica Hill 

Un post condiviso da Veronica Hill (@papiermyday) in data:

A foo-sketchnote by Veronica Hill .

She wrote:

My first attempts at sketch noting at restaurants. I've really been inspired by Mike's sketches of food, so I've recently tried to do it myself. Obviously I still have a lot to learn, and need to refine my drawing skills, but I've had a lot of fun doing this. It's become a little hobby and it's a great way to remember nights out with friends and family!

An excellent start Veronica, keep going!

- Mauro


Sketchnote & Running: Maxime Bernard @mbinnovatlantic

Here is a work by Maxime Bernard.

He wrote:

Some report on a running session, as a first try for sketchnotes. I just wanted to share some key points of what it means to run during about an hour , and what you can live. Thanks Marc Dugue & Mike for the advices on twitter.

Very interesting Maxime, thank you for sharing with us!

- Mauro



Sketchnotes of PING Helsinki Business Festival 2017: Linda Saukko-Rauta @saurau

A very good work Linda Saukko-Rauta .

She wrote:

I did sketchnotes for PING Helsinki Business Festival 2017 - the leading content and influencer marketing event in Northern Europe. Great talks, crazy people and me working with my iPad as usual.

Don't miss other Linda's works on her website.

Nice use of color with b&w features, Linda! Love it!

- Mauro


Travel Sketchnote: Vincent Loustau @vincent_loustau

Today's guest is Vincent Loustau.

He wrote:

"I did this sketchnote to summurize a 2 weeks business trip with a remote team. It was so fun to do and share :) I love sketchnoting. Since i discovered it 6-montes ago i've moved my mind to visual. I could never come back. What i prefer is live sketchnoting during meetings or full day seminars."

Beautiful work, Vincent! Love the orange path.

- Mauro


Sketchnotes in Persian: Mostafa Lameei @lameei

Here is an interesting work by Mostafa Lameei .

He wrote:

It seems that I'm the only one who creates sketchnotes in Persian so there is too many things I need to find out myself. I thought that would be a good opportunity for others to see them. One if these is about the sketchnoting itself and it's befenits. And the rest is about why I'm running 3Km each and everyday. I did not translate these because I wanted to show pure Persian sketchnotes.

Very interestinm Mostafa! Thank you for sharing with us:

- Mauro 


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