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Binaebi Akah, curator: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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Sketchnoter's Stories you may like

First Sketchnote: Michael Knoll

Here is one of the first sketchnote by Michael Knoll .

He wrote:

My first try in sketchnoting for my company on the 'large agile practionioner summit ' at the SAP university in autumn 2015.

An outstandig start!

Keep ging Michael!

- Mauro



Sketchnoters' Stories - "Photos and Sketchnotes of my trip in India": Claudio Nichele


Today's story is from Claudio Nichele .

I refrain mysel to anticipate anything, just enjoy the story!

Photos and sketchnotes of my trip in India

I prepared well in advance all practical details of this solo trip to India, like visa, vaccines, drugs, itinerary, hotels, etc.  My goal was a journey which makes me grow internally rather than only enjoy the visit to tourist places. Therefore I also prepared myself to accept the unexpected as part of the journey. See my sketchnotes one month before leaving about that. 

India: First post

I also prepared carefully my material for photography and for sketchnotes. Considering my desire to travel light, I chose the essentials only. One notebook, 3 black markers (0.2, 0.5, 0.8), one marker for shadows, my favourite black pencil, a set of Faber-Castell watercolour pencils, an eraser and a pencil sharpener. All these preparations turned out to be what I've had need, no more no less.

Sketchnotes from India -  my itinerary

One thing only did not go as I had imagined it: sketchnoting on place! Before leaving I planned to sketch during the day and every evening what I've seen, learnt and experienced during that day. This plan was based on wrong assumptions; that I would have had the availability, the right conditions and the proper mental state. I was immediately faced to a different reality. 

Delhi - Pahar Ganj area

My first days were very intense with a tour by car (with a driver with me). I visited many cities and beautiful sites on the pre-established itinerary from Delhi to Jaipur, then Agra, then Delhi again.

On a rickshaw in Haridwar

Between Jaipur and Fatehpur Sikri

See the photos and the sketchnotes. During these days I changed the itinerary on the spot from time to time to follow my intuition or my driver's advices.

Sketchnotes - The art of driving in India

Taking notes in the car while traveling was quickly discarded due to the mad Indian traffic or due to the bad road conditions. I was only able to write down keywords and some signs on the corner of my pages. At night, after a shower and a good vegetarian dinner (in different places every night) I was so exhausted that I felt unable to take decent notes or to draw. I still was thinking about my second week to do that correctly.

Sketchnotes from India - Along the road

After the tour by car, I left my driver in Delhi and, alone, continued my trip by train, towards the north. Well, I finally managed to start to fill in some pages in the train. It's worth to mention that this was possible only because this train offered me good conditions to do it. This was far to be the case in the train on return one week later.

Sketchnotes from India - From Jaipur to Agra

During my stay in Haridwar and in Rishikesh I was again faced to the same difficulties to take notes. Traveling by bus, tuk tuk or rickshaw is worse than by car. But I continued writing down keywords and signs, many signs, on another small notebook that I bought locally. Then I arrived in the Phool Chatti ashram, a heaven on earth, for a retreat of one week. I was expecting to have time to sketch, to write, to draw. Again, wrong assumptions... The daily schedule of the ashram was intense; see one of my sketchnotes on it.  

Sketchnotes from India - program of the day in the Phool Chatti ashram, north of Rishikesh

I also spent the free time of my first days washing my dirty clothes. I had the opportunity to work on my sketchnotes in the last days of my stay but in the meantime I continued with keywords and signs on the small notebook.

Sketchnotes from India - Some sacred symbols in India

The drawings of the meditative walks are the only pieces that I did on the moment while I was on the place. The watercolor on the banks of the Ganges river is even done with water from the river itself.

Sketchnotes from India - Meditative walks in Phool Chatti ashram, north of Rishikesh

My take-aways from this experience concerning sketchnoting:

  • Never plan in advance too much, be flexible and ready for the unexpected
  • Related to the previous point, and really linked to me: Put aside beauty and draw like it comes naturally on the moment
  • In case of lack of time or for any other reason, quickly write down a maximum of information on the spot, can be keywords or simple signs that will remember you what was your idea, your feelings, your impressions, the colours, etc [I use these technique when I practice live graphic harvesting at work during events]
  • When visiting, especially in crowd and choppy conditions, just take with you a small blocnote and a pencil. Leave other material in the car or in the room, they will be useless and they only risk to distract you from the essentials
  • Photography is also helpful to remember later what was seen to draw it

Last but not least, the best feedback I received on my return after I published my photos and my sketchnotes is about the latter. People told me that they were able to perceive more my emotions through the sketchnotes than through photos. Another proof of the power of handmade sketchnotes.




You can see the whole buch of sketchnotes and photos here:

Sketchnotes from India

Photos from India

All sketchnotes and drawings

I'm speechless Claudio! But there is one more of your sketchnotes I want to add to your story.

For our readers: Claudio live and work in Brussels.

Sketchnotes from India - How I lived Brussels terrorist attacks at 7500 km distance

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this story with us, Claudio!


- Mauro


EARTH DAY 2016 - Take Action Like a Sketchnoter!

At Sketchnote Army, we focus on the whole person—the mind, and body. We also believe that as humans we are part of the earth we live on. That's why in our terms & conditions statement we say: is family friendly and we are inspired and support the important values of life. 

Friday, is an opportunity to encourage the whole Sketchnoting Community to join us and celebrate 

Earth Day 2016


Here 5 sketchnote ideas:

  • How much paper you need to recycle to save a tree?
  • Everyday actions that can save our Earth
  • Track your electricity use for a day and create a data-visualization
  • What can make your home or workplace more Environmentally Friendly?
  • Earth Day IS NOT a one day affair: what are your long term resolutions?


    And 3 ways to Take Action:

  • First and foremost: Sketchnote frugally!!! Recycle the backs of old printer paper and one of those pencil stubs we all have in the back of out bags/backpacks/drawers
  • Go through your old notebooks and "fill the blanks" (those pages you left behind!)
  • Share, Share, Share your sketchnotes about Earth Day to create awareness

    As usual we heartily encourage you all to share your sketchnotes, ideas and feelings with us.

    Happy Earth Day!

    - Mike and Mauro






    Susie Larson's talk at the Appleton Alliance 2016 Women's Retreat by Jill Bailey

    This is the first of a series of sketchnotes Jill Bailey captured from Susie Larson's talk "Through God's Eyes" at the Appleton Alliance 2016 Women's Retreat. 

    She wrote:

    The sketchnotes are my interpretations from sessions at a spiritual Women's retreat, but I also relate a lot of it to my art classroom in my blog post.

    Don't miss the other sketchnote and whole post on Jill's Blog

    I truly love the use of trais to create shadows and make things stand out!

    Beautiful work, Jill!

    - Mauro 



    First Sketchnote: Koen Colpaert

    Sketchnote about me

    An interestig work by Koen Colpaert .

    He wrote:

    In my professional life I have been involved in data visualization for some time now, the idea of presenting complex ideas in a visual manner is just one step away. This was my first attempt after reading The Sketchnote Book. It's basically some kind of visual "Who am I" presenting some milestones and facts from my life. 

     Wow! An excellent start Koen!

    Keep going.

    - Mauro