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Steve Silbert, curator: Agile Coach, sketchnoter, author, living in Florida.

Binaebi Akah, alumni: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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Sketchnotes can explain everything: Lou Lila


Today we feature the work by Lou Lila , here is one of her sketchnote and you can find a lot more on her Flickr Set .

She wrote a short yet powerful note:

"Sketchnotes can explain everything"

Can't agree more!

Thanks for sharing Lou!

- Mauro




re:publicaTEN capture: Steffen Voß

Change the Story. Change the World.

Here is a sketchnote by Steffen Voß .

He captured this during Laurie Penny's talk at re:publicaTEN.

Well done Steffen!

- Mauro


My Secret Dinner Sketchnote Recap: Barbara Civati

Today I'm particularly happy to feature the work of a close friend of mine: Barbara Civati.

She wrote:

Hi, last week I attended an event at Lake Como (MY Secret Dinner, see Facebook) and it became an inspiration how they well managed a party for 700 of participants like a flash mob ( you have to bring tables, chairs and food); it's an event free for couples, friends, families and babies. It had been a picnic in the city near the lake, very elegant and "all white" from tables to clothes, with red accessories and lips! we wer all different, anuway the all white color gave uniformity and created a soft and chic atmosphere. The aim of the event was for charity, but beneficience is not the only aim, we were a group, a family of new friends having fun and sharing respect (for the public place you are), patience, helps and collaboration is the key of a succesfull dinner. Let's take note for a party or an informal wedding (let's hope some day!). Hugs! Barbara

Love the use of columns and particularly the lists: never underestimate the power of a bullet list enhanced with icons!

Really beautiful, Barbara!

- Mauro


First Sketchnote: Julia Reist


Another great first sketchnote! This time we feature a work by Julia Reist
She wrote:
"Coffee Love"
I love coffee. So one of my first sketchnotes ever had to be something about coffe. 
I used paper by 53 and the apple pencil

"Coffee Love"I love coffee. So one of my first sketchnotes ever had to be something about coffe. I used paper by 53 and the apple pencil

You can see other Julia's sketchnotes oh her website.

I think everybody knows I'm a coffee lover (maybe "addict" is the correct word) and today's post is a double pleasure: it's a "first sketchnote" and First Sketchnotes are by far our favorites and it's about Coffee!

Thanks for sharing Julia!

- Mauro







Sketchnoting the sketchnoters: Kristina Friedrich

Let Pens Speak - republica 4 May 2016

I love this sketchnote where Kristina Friedrich "sketchnoted the sketchnoters"

Brilliant talk at re:publica convention in Berlin by German sketchnoters Anna Lena Schiller and Johannes Kretschmar on the power of hand drawn visuals. (Original German title: "Last Stifte sprechen")

Very interesting Kristina!

- Mauro