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Live-Sketching a Presentation - Cameron Moll

Yesterday I was pleased to see Cameron Moll pushing boundaries in presentations by using an iPad to present with both pre-sketched and live-sketched images while he speaks.

This is in a way moving sketchnoting directly into the presentation — breaking down ideas and creating them live on stage. Love it!

Cameron writes in his article:

When I took the stage at DIBI 2012, I had an iPad in hand. After sliding to unlock, I opened Paper and began my presentation with this hand-sketched page:


As I took the stage, I was hoping to surprise the audience with a new form of presenting, as well as shake things up a little for the speaking industry.

Here's another sample pre-sketched slide:

New ideas.

A sample of slides Cameron crafted on stage:


Cameron, I love this idea and hope to see more people giving live sketching a try.

Go read Cameron's full post and check out his Flickr stream.


WordCamp Milwaukee 2012 Sketchnotes - Irina Becker

Here's a nice set of WordCamp Milwaukee sketchnotes from Irina Becker. Thanks Irina!

Big (D)esign Conference 2012 Sketchnotes - Paul Goode

sketchnote from Big (D)esign Conference 2012
Loving these sketchnotes by Paul Goode from the Big (D)esign Conference 2012. Check out his full set too.

$100 Startup Sketchnotes - Sacha Chua

Sacha Chua has been having fun sketchnoting books she's reading — like Chris Guillebeau's new book The $100 Startup. Be sure to check out her book sketchnotes collection too.

Alexis Finch Teaches Us How to Draw a Dinosaur

Alexis Finch of @agentfin and Graphite Mind gave an Ignite talk in San Francisco about how we all need to draw more. While she is talking to us about that, we get to watch how simple lines can create a dinosaur. Fantastic presentation!

When I followed her direction, this is what I got. I added eyelashes. Comes from all those years of watching too much anime in high school.