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eHealth 2012 Sketchnotes - Cassie McDaniel

The other day I cam across a series lovely sketchnotes of the eHealth Conference in Vancouver, from Cassie McDaniel.

Those sketchnotes are just from Day 1 — be sure to see Day 2 and Day 3 sketchnotes as well.

Cassie also has a series of sketchotes from Experience HxD 2012 to check out.

Great work Cassie!


Live-Sketching a Presentation - Cameron Moll

Yesterday I was pleased to see Cameron Moll pushing boundaries in presentations by using an iPad to present with both pre-sketched and live-sketched images while he speaks.

This is in a way moving sketchnoting directly into the presentation — breaking down ideas and creating them live on stage. Love it!

Cameron writes in his article:

When I took the stage at DIBI 2012, I had an iPad in hand. After sliding to unlock, I opened Paper and began my presentation with this hand-sketched page:


As I took the stage, I was hoping to surprise the audience with a new form of presenting, as well as shake things up a little for the speaking industry.

Here's another sample pre-sketched slide:

New ideas.

A sample of slides Cameron crafted on stage:


Cameron, I love this idea and hope to see more people giving live sketching a try.

Go read Cameron's full post and check out his Flickr stream.


WordCamp Milwaukee 2012 Sketchnotes - Irina Becker

Here's a nice set of WordCamp Milwaukee sketchnotes from Irina Becker. Thanks Irina!

Big (D)esign Conference 2012 Sketchnotes - Paul Goode

sketchnote from Big (D)esign Conference 2012
Loving these sketchnotes by Paul Goode from the Big (D)esign Conference 2012. Check out his full set too.

$100 Startup Sketchnotes - Sacha Chua

Sacha Chua has been having fun sketchnoting books she's reading — like Chris Guillebeau's new book The $100 Startup. Be sure to check out her book sketchnotes collection too.