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Binaebi Akah, curator: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, and lindy hopper, living in Ohio.

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UX Oxford - Using Content Strategy to Change Your Organisation by @ChrisShipton

JonathanKahnP001a CS

Beautiful sketchnotes from Chris Shipton of a talk by Jonathan Khan on "Using Content Strategy to Change Your Organisation."


Brains on Fire Sketchnotes by @michaeljantz of 800-CEO-READ

Sketchnotes montage bof

Here are some first-time sketchnotes by Michael Jantz of 800-CEO-READ of the Brains on Fire’s 2013 F.I.R.E. Sessions. Michael writes:

"A few weeks ago I reviewed Mike Rohde’s The Sketchnote Handbook. This week Tuesday, as Jon and I were sitting inside Greenville’s Peace Center, eagerly anticipating the start of Brains on Fire’s 2013 F.I.R.E. Sessions, I picked up the blank Moleskine sketchbook (compliments of the Brains on Fire folks) that sat on the table in front of me and said to Jon, “I think I’m going to sketchnote this.”

"What followed was an amazing day full of insights."

"This event served as a clear underscoring of what Brains on Fire is all about, and we were honored to be there to share in the conversation. My personal take-away is this: put people at the center of your business, always."

Great work Michael!


The Art of Asking by Makayla Lewis 

Fantastic photo composition of Makayla Lewis' sketchnote of Amanda Palmers TED talk, "The Art of Asking." Keep up the great work, Makayla! You can see more of her sketchnotes at Flickr. 

Click the image for a larger version. Thanks!


P.S. Here's the video to go along with those sketchnotes - Mike


Jaron Lanier: Who Owns the Future Sketchnotes by @palojono

Palojono lanier sketcnote

Jonathan Hey has captured beautiful sketchnotes from the Jaron Lanier talk Who Owns the Future at The School of Life in London.

Really nice work Jonathan!


Guardian Data Visualisation Masterclass Sketchnotes - @curlykatie33

Katieb sketchnote

Katie Buchanan took a Guardian Masterclass on Data Visualisation and decided to give sketchnoting a try.

Can you believe this is her first attempt at sketchnoting? Seriously!

Great job Katie! :-)