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Who is behind Sketchnote Army?

Mike Rohde, creator: Designer, author of The Sketchnote Handbook & Workbook, and illustrator, living in Wisconsin.

Mauro Toselli, curator: IT Director, sketchnoter, author, living in Italy.

Binaebi Akah, curator: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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Africa Health’s 2-day Hospital Build conference sketchnotes capture by Bashierah Arnold

The first of a series of great sketchnotes Bashierah Arnold took at Africa Health’s 2-day Hospital Build conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. .

I strongly reccomend see the whole series on this post on her blog.

She wrote:

I'm still learning but this seemed like a good way to take notes that I might actually look at again in the future and taking them helped me remember key points more easily. 

Completely agree, Bashierah!

Thank you for sharing with us!

- Mauro


First Sketchnote: Tra Hall

Here is Tra Hall's the first sketchnote attempt.

He wrote:

I am an elementary school principal and have starting using sketchnotes during trainings and meetings. This sketchnote was taken during a social and emotional curriculum training called Conscious Discipline Feeling Buddies. 

Good job, Tra!

Keep going.

- Mauro



First adventure into Sketchnotes at Agile Manchester: Emily Webber


Here is the "first adventure into sketchnotes at Agile Manchester" by Emily Webber.

She used an Adonit Jot pro and Tayasui Sketches App.

Really interesting and looks good!

Keep going, Emily!

- Mauro


Sketchnoting before it was a thing: Kurz Wort

This is the first of a series of three sketchnotes KurzWort describes in his message to us.

He wrote:

I think, i have been sketchnoting before there was this word. After 2 years as a graphic designer, I startet to work as an advertising copywriter und I still do since 30 years. In my free time I sketch & draw and write just for fun. One of my favourite sujets is to watch TV or theatre plays and to sketch my impressions. So here are three drawings, made after/while
1. the play "Andorra" by Max Frisch, (watching the school performance and drawing at at time)
2. the 1st chapter of "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" (drawn while listening to the audiobook)
3. the Mackie Messer Song (each verse gets a sketch)
Hope you like it, hope you accept my English (I'm German.)

You can see the other two in this blog post .

We love them, Kurtz!

- Mauro



Travel Sketchnotes: Bhimtal & Nainital area of Uttarakhand, India by Mandar Marathe

Here is one of the sketchnotes Mandar Marathetook during a  family trip to Bhimtal & Nainital area of Uttarakhand, India.April-May 2015.

He wrote:

You can see the whole travelog on SlideShare .

I enjoyed every page, Mandar!

Thanks for sharing with us.

- Mauro