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Mike Rohde, creator: Designer, author of The Sketchnote Handbook & Workbook, and illustrator, living in Wisconsin.

Mauro Toselli, curator: IT Director, sketchnoter, author, living in Italy.

Binaebi Akah, curator: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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Website Discovery Process: Genie Gratto

Today we feature a work by Genie Gratto .

She wrote:

This past Spring, my work agreed to let me take a visual notetaking class and purchase three visual notetaking books (including The Sketchnote Handbook and The Sketchnote Workbook) as part of my professional development -- I wanted to see if the technique would help me focus better in meetings and get more out of them.

I have loved how it has changed my notetaking and my interaction with content in meetings, and have been slowly overcoming my lifetime of saying, ""I don't know how to draw!""

This sketchnote was one that one of my team members asked me to create at an internal organizational meeting at the end of a website discovery process. We were talking about next steps, how to proceed, priorities, outstanding questions, etc. I had agreed to take notes, and my team member suggested I try sketchnoting it.

Though I had sketchnoted meetings for myself before, this is the first time I did so with the plan of sharing it with the team after the meeting. I was surprised how well it came out, and excited to see that I did, indeed, capture the most important information from the meeting!

There are changes I would make, for sure, but I'm happy with this first public effort. 


You really must be proud of your work, Genie, well done!

- Mauro


"Laughing is a good cure" (German proverb): Andrea Langer 

Here a very clean and nice sketchnote by Andrea Langer .

She wrote:

Inspired by a sketchnote fun challenge on Twitter about Health issues - in a broader sense - (see #13TageGesundheit), I just finished my first sketchnote ever on the subject "Laughing is a good cure" (German proverb).
Being absolutely new to drawing, doodling and sketchnotes, I already got hooked. This is so much fun!

Thanks for sharing and best regards,

Thank YOU Andrea, love the simplicity of your style.

- Mauro



The Sketchnote Army Podcast: Season 2, Episode 5: Jason Alderman

Jason Alderman

Jason Alderman is a user experience designer and developer in the museum exhibit space. In this episode, Jason shares his story, how he’s become known for his XOXO festival sketchnotes, the tools he uses, and his perspective on analog vs. digital tools for sketchnoting.


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"Sketchnoting Live vs Two Steps" Survey 


Today we are happy to host an interesting survey for the forthcoming  Sketchnote Hangout on 16-Oct at 11.00am BST.

What is Sketchnote Hangout?

From the website:

International Sketchnote Hangout (#SketchnoteHangout) is a 1 hour Google Hangout that takes place at least once per month and is organised on a voluntary basis. Each Hangout has a overarching topic that is discussed during the first 45 mins. This is followed by an open discussion driven by the Google Hangout attendees. The purpose of the Sketchnote Hangout is to give attendees the opportunity to discuss, obtain advice and support and practice Sketchnoting within a friendly and comfortable international environment.

Dear Sketchnote Friends,

The topic of the October's Sketchnote Hangout (Twitter: @SN_Hangout) is:

"Sketchnoting Live vs Two Steps"

and I am conducting a brief survey to help us prepare for the Hangout on 16 October. We will share the results with Sketchnote Army so everyone can see the results.

The survey consists of 5 multiple choice questions (totally anonymous) on how you Sketchnote in One Pass (One and Done) or Two Passes (Two Timer).

Thank you in advance for your responses and helping to grow our knowledge on how people Sketchnote!

Alan Martello
Twitter: @alanmartello
Guest co-facilitator on October 2016 Sketchnote Hangout


Sketchnoting for Calligraphy Practice: Debbie Harris

Today we feature Debbie Harris's works. 

She wrote:

I am an EdTech director in a K-8 school and I'm learning how to sketchnote with a particular interest in teaching it to my students. I spent a couple of weeks teaching calligraphy at an overnight camp and I did a lot of sketchnoting for practice. Even though the content wasn't typical sketchnote fodder, I thought it would be worth it for the practice. It was and I continue to love it!

Very well done, Debbie!

- Mauro