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Mauro Toselli, curator: IT Director, sketchnoter, author, living in Italy.

Binaebi Akah, curator: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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Sketchnotes as a Learning Tool: Jessi Donnelly @Jessi_Donnelly


Un post condiviso da Jessi (@thesis.machine) in data: 19 Feb 2017 alle ore 09:06 PST

Here is a sketchnote by Jessi Donnelly 

She wrote:

I love the idea of sketchnotes as a learning tool! Writing info down and adding a visual component (or ten) just gives the brain more of a chance to remember new concepts. They also help me "think out" exactIy how I want to write out a section of my thesis and it has made writing so much easier! I am new to the sketchnote world, but absolutely a permanent fan! 

I like the simple and crisp style!

Well done Jessi!

- Mauro


Teaching English with Sketchnotes: Kristel Pent @bonaramis

This is a sketchnote by Kristel Pent .

She wrote:

This sketchnote was to some extent born out of necessity. I'm teaching English to refugees in Greece and the usual method of teaching all tenses in succession is not practical here, as the students might leave at a days notice. So we needed something that will show the whole system of tenses at once and can be used as reference. Whether it is of any help, only time will tell.

I love this Kristel! Particularly what it reppresents, the aim behind it.

Keep going and keep us posted on the outcomes.

Thank you fopr sharing with us.

- Mauro 


Visual Note Taking in Education: Sherrill Knezel - @sherrillknezel

CTQ Elevator Visual 2016_1

This is just one of a series of sketchnotes by Sherrill Knezel.

She wrote:


I have been a sketchnoter all of my life, but didn't know it! I stumbled on The Sketchnote Handbook a couple of years ago and finally had a name for it.  As an elementary art educator I immediately started introducing sketchnoting to my 3rd-5th grade students in the form of a short warm-up each week.  We listen to everything from Kid President talks to StoryCorps stories and they draw.  Kids draw before they write and are naturals at it! Some of the best visual icons I use have come from my students.
I have become a passionate advocate for sketchnoting in education and lead workshops on visual literacy and visual note taking for teachers in my district. I created this sketchnote as an advocacy piece to share with my district administrators.
Through the sketchnote community I have connected with amazing educators and graphic recorders working to promote all things visual.
Thanks for all you do for the sketchnote community!
I can't refrain myself to underline this sentence:
Kids draw before they write and are naturals at it! 

I strongly suggest to visit Sherrill'f Flickr photostream : it's so inspiring!

I love your crisp and clear style, Sherrill.

- Mauro



Hacking Mindfulness talk sketchnoted by Esther (Jing Xin) - @jingxiny

A lovely sketchnote by Esther (Jing Xin).

She wrote:

Hacking Mindfulness talk at General Assembly Singapore. "Go from human doing, to human feeling and human being"
  • Yizhao Zhang (Meditation Lead (gPause), Google)
  • Prof Kua Ee Heok (Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at the National University Hospital)
  • Bjorn Lee (Founder CEO, MindFi)
  • Toby Ourvy (Mindfulness Teacher and Trainer, Author)
Moderated by Gwendolyn Regina Tan (Director of Strategy & Business Development, APAC, Mashable)
I do love the soft colors palette and the use of brackets as containers.
Excellent work Esther!
- Mauro



Behavior Driven Development sketchnote by Anthony O'Reilly - @AnthonyO_Tester

Today's guest is Anthony O'Reilly.

He wrote:

Recently I attended a workshop about a collaborative software development idea called BDD ( Behavior Driven Development). I have tried to condense what i learnt on the course onto a one page skecthnote in the hope of making the whole idea a little less abstract for some.

You can read the related post on this website.
I particularly like the central square for the title and the topics evolving around it.
Well done Anthony!
- Mauro