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Who is behind Sketchnote Army?

Mike Rohde, creator: Designer, author of The Sketchnote Handbook & Workbook, and illustrator, living in Wisconsin.

Mauro Toselli, curator: IT Director, sketchnoter, author, living in Italy.

Steve Silbert, curator: Agile Coach, sketchnoter, author, living in Virginia.

Binaebi Akah, alumni: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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Sketchnoter's Stories you may like

Sketchnote and Dyslexia: Maaike Mesman @Maaike78HM

Here is a great work by Maaike Mesman 

She wrote:

"Inspired by the podcast from @SketchnoteArmy @rohdesign @SunniBrown I sketchnoted words my son (11 & dyslectic) has to learn for an english test.

Sketching visuals of the words and sentences was a good exercise for me to expand my visual library. But, my main goal was to help him study. I hoped that, by adding visuals to the words, their easier for him to remember! "

This is an incredibly interestic topic and I would like to thank you for sharing tyhis with us. I hope we'll hear from you soon about your experience.

- Mauro





Sketchnote Love at #youpreneursummit - London : Johanna Fritz @byjohannafritz

Today's guest is Johanna Fritz !

She said:

I was doing sketchnotes love at the #youpreneursummit of Chris Ducker.

Thank you Johanna, we love your work too!

- Mauro




Marketing tip for Sketchnoters ;-) by Reto

This is a work by Reto.   

He wrote:

"I was sitting in a conference with a couple of presentations - and started visualizing, actutally not the content or what the speakers were telling, just insights and things I realized at the moment. I was immersed... and had little space left at the end of the presentations. After I was asked (surprisingly) by other participants next to me, if they could make a photo of my viz, I put my business card on the sheet and voilà: good advertising for me and my company :-) PS: for my taste I still have too much text... I am on my way :-)"

Nice tip Reto!

May I suggest to create a Twitter account and join the Sketchnoters Community? You'll never regret it!

Thank you for sharing!



HR Tech World Amsterdam captured by Frédéric Williquet @fredericw 

This is just one of a series of great sketchnotes by Frédéric Williquet .

He wrote

 "Hi m&m’s!

I sketch for years, follow you work daily and promote your books to my students.
I recently sketched HR Tech World Amsterdam live and published on Adobe Spark during the event. Very flexible and easy solution to go beyond twitter. Loved it. Here the result.
Oh yes, I used to publish my work on my website but I decided this summer to launch a more professional brand. I just did (ok still lots of work): is born. Happy to have your feedback!"

Don't miss the whole series of Frédéric's sketchnote on this post on his website

I love you style Frédéric: crip, clean and with limited color palette for highlights.

Great work!


- Mauro 



Sketchnote: The "Balanced Life" of a Teacher Candidate from Sarah Anne Lalonde @SarahAnneLaLonde 

Sarah Anne LaLonde happened upon World Sketchnote Day at the last minute. She wanted to contribute but left her pens elsewhere. So she pulled out her iPad and Musemee Notier Prime stylus and sat down for a little self-reflection. The result was a sketchnote about what life is like as a Teacher Candidate.

Sarah writes,

I love that this Sketchnote Selfie has connected with so many other preservice teachers and educators from Canada and the USA. 

Sketchnoting has helped me as a future teacher, whether it was taking notes, studying for exams or doing some self-reflecting. I've always had an eye for Sketchnoting. I truly believe it promotes a growth mindset, communication and collaboration. It is something I envision adopting this in my classroom.

I look forward to connecting with more Sketchnoters to help inspire me and mentor me.

Sarah, your sketchnote has inspired a lot of people and sparked a lot of conversation. Well done! We look forward to seeing the impact of sketchnotes in your classroom.

You can find Sarah on Twitter @SarahAnneLaLonde on the web at, or on her podcast “Que sera Sarah?

Thank you for sharing!