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#morning #evening #youtwo #theinternationaledition by Claire Ohlenschlager @claire_ohl

We are super excited to share a guest post by our friend Claire Ohlenschlager about the

#morning #evening #youtwo #theinternationaledition fantastic project!


On November 4th Facebook reminded me of a co-creation I participated in last year. What we did then was co-create a picture of Mike Rohde (@rohdesign). See the full story on that and last year’s co-creators here :

I had so much fun working on this, together with a great gang of international artists. The only one I had already actually met in real life was Makayla Lewis (@maccymacx). The others I knew – or got to know – on Twitter. Many of which I have met in the year that followed.


The Sketchnote crew (#SNCrew) are a great gang of creative people from all around the globe. They have one thing in common: their love for creativity and their willingness to share their work and give eachother feedback. I love them for that. They bring me a bundle of creativity and always challenge me to try out new things and do better.

James Saretta (@JamesSaretta) is one of the bunch too. 600 days ago, today (18 Nov 2017),  I somehow started wishing him and Maccy a goodmorning (for Maccy in London) and good evening (for James in Melbourne – hence the upsidedown ‘evening’). Ever since I have wished them that. Every day. I usually make them on my way into work. On the train, or in the underground. Some are old-school pen and paper, others are pen on something-or-other (;-)) and some are digital.

One could say it has got somewhat out of hand. I intended to make 200, which became 300 and then I prepared them that I would definitely stop at 400. They kind of accumulated everywhere in our house, so I decided to buy a glass cabinet, thinking I could still fill that with more. Turned out the cabinet was not even really big enough. Hence the many digital versions that I have made since ;-).

Now I have decided to go on until I can’t think of anything new anymore. Which hasn’t seemed to happen yet.

Anyway, back to last year’s co-creation. Remembering the fun it had brought me, I decided to ask the #SNCrew whether they were up for another challenge. I was pleasantly surprised that so many of them reacted positively, which was really nice.

The challenge was for each participant to create one of the letters in ‘morning’ and ‘evening’. When so many wanted to participate, I added ‘you two’. The three hashtags were added too, to stretch the number of people who could join us. 23 in total (including myself).

 The Rules were:

  • Stick to your letter - though not necessarily how I wrote them
  • Square format
  • PSD Or PNG
  • Have fun ;-)
  • Then DM to me and @ProfClayton

It took us a week of lots of fun together to get all the letters done. I made a Drive folder where all the letters were uploaded, so we could see the words evolve. Eventually Michael Clayton (@ProfClayton) pasted them all together. An extra thank you here for you, Prof!

And today I am so incredibly honoured to say I have the best friends in the #SNCrew. Each and every one of them! They took the time to co-create with me, to make me laugh on many occasions and to give me an extra special 600th edition.

I hereby proudly present the #morning #evening #youtwo #theinternationaledition

Remember – upside-down evening for James, Down under ;-)

I can imagine you are wondering who these fine people are. Here they are, in order of the letters they created:


Mauro Toselli 



Ruth Baker 



Steve Silbert

USA - Richmond, Virginia


Lorraine Kasyan

USA - Asheville, NC


Michael Clayton

USA - San Antonio, TX


Jill Greenbaum



Dr. Makayla Lewis

Great Britain


Marc Dugue



Katrin Mäntele



Claire Ohlenschlager

The Netherlands


James Saretta



Rob Dimeo

USA - Germantown, MD


Mario Foglia



Oliver Caviglioli

Great Britain


Diana Soriat



Karen Forkish

USA - Oregon


Katharina TheisBröhl



Andrea Brücken



Oscar Campo



Alan Martello

USA - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Josh Sullivan

USA - St Pete's, Florida


Catharine Misook



Claudio Nichele


I cherish the day we all met and thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fun, the laughter and the joy you brought me in this challenge and beyond. You guys are the best!

Here’s to all the next challenges we find for ourselves ;-)

- Claire xxx

PS you can find all of my morning/evenings here: