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Sketchnotes on a Phone or Tablet from @goingmobo

Here's an interesting article from Jenz Johnson, on how he has adapted the idea of sketchnoting to using a phone or table to capture them.

Jenz writes:

Doing sketchnotes on a smartphone was easy. The tagging, typing and linking took all of five minutes, and was good review for me. This may not have the same feel or be the same experience as using paper and pen, but I found it to be an excellent way to take notes and visualize the talk in real-time.

Here are some sample digital sketchnotes by Jenz:

NewImage NewImage

Commentary from Mike

Personally, I've challenged myself to find a good way to use an iPad for sketchnoting this year. It is a little different and Jenz is right on that the stylus really makes a difference. My favorite are the Adonit Jot and Stylus Sock Pro.

Also, I need to adapt to the quantity of ideas per page. With a pocket Moleskine, I can fit quite a bit of information on a 2-page spread because of the control I have with a pen. With an iPad, unless I want to zoom in and out (which I want to avoid) it's a much lower detail per page because of the resolution.

I think my approach needs to change to capturing fewer ideas per page, instead of trying to map my pen and paper experience to the iPad — accepting the device for what it is. My friend Craighton Berman did this with his SXSW 2012 Sketchnotes and for Milan Design Week 2010 — I've always admired his approach:

NewImage NewImage

If you have feedback on your own digital sketchnoting process, let us know!

Reader Comments (2)

I've begun using my Note II phone which has a built-in pressure-sensitive stylus and a great app called S-Note. What's nice about this stylus is: it's always with you! Also, you can change pen shapes and thickness easily.

I'm finding that instead of using Patterns (such as radial, skyscraper, popcorn and path), I just draw one module per screen. Although the screen is huge, it's not like drawing on an iPad. So, there is limited real estate. Then later, I can assemble my modules together, if I want to, using the pattern that fits.

Or, I can tag each drawing (for example, with "tech" or "education" to describe the content) and save them in the Cloud. Whenever I want to see my sketches across all the talks I've attended, I call them up by the tag. It's really very handy.

My take-away is that the notes have to be useful after they are drawn. So, tagging & bagging are important. Keeping each screen as a separate module has its advantages apres-sketch!


April 8, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJenz Johnson

Personally, I find that zooming in & out on the iPad when sketchnoting is essential. I haven't practiced very much, but so far the most promising app looks to be Inkflow Plus (there is also a free version, Inkflow). Here's a sample done on Inkflow.

You are right in that it's completely different from using pen & paper. With Inkflow, there's the possibility to draw/write something large, then shrink it, move it, and rotate it into place. A bit like using Photoshop on the fly, and everything is editable.

I've also only been using my fingers on the screen, which works, but would give me a cramp for long periods of time, I reckon. ^^

April 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAneesah

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